Back home: Part 2

So this is the continuation of what I did during my holidays in Sabah… damn, I miss home hahaa. And whew, been busy busy busy buusy busybody (LOL) this few days. But I’m back on track. Ooo yes.

The following occured on 29th August 2011… and during that whole day, I accompanied my mum to work. She’s stationed in Beaufort but at times, she had to go Papar and Sipitang too. And luckily (or unluckyly? Hahaa no la jk), I had to drive my mum from Penampang to Papar, to Sipitang then to Beaufort.

So at first, we had to go to Papar, there were a few cases she had to settle there. By the way, she works in the court, not lawyer aa, just a Lower Court Registrar… to sum up, before suspects go to prison, they have to go through my mum to apply for bail and get confirmation on how long they will stay under police custody. And she brought me to work and I had to sit while the suspects and the police officers went into the room. Kind of scary because some of the suspects looked at me and… well, you know. These are suspects who take drugs and fight and stuff, so playing the staring game with them is not a good idea. LOL.

201108296586 1 Back home: Part 2

201108296584 1 Back home: Part 2

Then we passed by Beaufort and head to Sipitang. This time, there were more cases and after hearing some of it, I told my mum’s assistant that I’ll just wait in the car. I just can’t stand watching parents pay bails for their children’s mistake. And the bail amount is not less than 1K, okay. Also, I feel uneasy with all the crying and stuff. This will surely reminds me that I have to take absolute good care of my future children… uisheh man!

Finally, we went to Beaufort. This is where my mum’s main office is at. I felt funny because everyone called her Puan. And they also seemed so surprised because they didn’t know that my mum had children. Well, I am proud of my single mother raising me and my brother.

201108296597 1 Back home: Part 2
My mum’s desk.

And I saw my face. LOL. Of course la ada muka sia di meja mum sia ka.
201108296591 1 Back home: Part 2

201108296601 1 Back home: Part 2

After that, we just had to take lunch because I was super hungry. So my mum brought me to this restaurant.
201108296603 1 Back home: Part 2
The guy who manages Little Town is the same guy who owns Ron’s Grill. He opened his own restaurant on top. I guess his Little Town Cafe made a lot of profit.

What does the restaurant looks like?

201108296609 1 Back home: Part 2

201108296613 1 Back home: Part 2

201108296615 1 Back home: Part 2
Quite nice kan the place. And the theme is music. There are a lot of musician pictures and guitars on the walls of the restaurant. But my favourite is this one, a rack of mini guitars!

201108296618 1 Back home: Part 2
I had Chicken Chop and a chocolate smoothie. Nyam nyam… my saliva almost drip out of my mouth. LOL.
201108296620 1 Back home: Part 2

And presenting Mr Ron, or as what he asked me to call him, Ronny. We chatted for quite a while, and he’s a cool guy. He can talk a lot hehee. I remember one of the things that we talked about, and that was really informative. He told me about the process of getting the HALAL certificate. Yes, his restaurant is halal certified. No pork, no pork! Hahaa. He told me that halal actually is not just about not serving pork, but it’s all also about where the supplies are from, his material, the cleanliness level, and even what brand is his tomato sauce.
201108296619 1 Back home: Part 2

So whoever is in Beaufort, try to look for this restaurant. Maybe you would like to dine there sometime? But frankly, I dunno where exactly is this Ron’s Grill. Hahaa.
201108296604 1 Back home: Part 2

But before I end. Camwhore dulu ba skijap sana tandas mahkamah. Bila lagi. LOL.
201108296589 1 Back home: Part 2

Begambar-gambar kunun. BIKIN PANAS.

pixel Back home: Part 2

35 comments on “Back home: Part 2

  1. beaty says:

    wah punya best dalam sehari kjo manange to go to 3 places..he he..

    waw banyak2 gambar paling manang is the camwhore dalam tandas ni hahahahahahah LOL

    but tu restoran bh…dui ada gitar2 buli main ka tu..sambil2 tunggu order buli ka tu ah sa main2 lagu sumbang

    • Arms says:

      Itu la tu. Biasanya dalam setahun, nda juga sia tepigi ni 3 tempat oo. Lucu kan.

      Tu gitar dia decoration ja ba tu hahaa. Tapi sia ada nampak gambar di dinding diorang buat small jamming session.

      Tu gambar paling last tu sia pikir 10 kali ni mo taru ka nda, nanti kena cop camwhore lagi hahaa. Terus dalam hati sia, aarggh taru ja la, apa juga kan.

  2. a-Me says:

    Yay.. ini lah ni si Arms.. Camwhore yg wajib kan.. heehe1. Macam siok jga oh ur mom pny kerja.. but bikin panat jga ni.. Anyway, tu gitar d restoran tu buli sewa ka tu??

    • Arms says:

      Hahaa bukan camwhore ba tapi cam-manwhore. LOL jaz kidin.

      Hmm kinda siok la tapi seriously sia nda minat kalo mo kerja di mahkamah. Nda tau napa.

      Tu gitars? Nda buli tu, suda sia tanya. Tapi nda tau sekarang la, hehee.

  3. nowriz says:

    patut la sy rasa sy ada nampak ko.. jk..

    dads sy asal b’fort..

    tp sy balik b’fort time raya ja..

    tu jambatan tiap raya memang slalu dilimpas.. hahaha

    sumday sy mo jg singgah mkn d rstoran uncle ron tu.. bagus strategi dia tuk apply sijil halal..

    sebab b’fort kan singgahan org brunei.. ;)

    tu pict mimang bikin panas.. hihi.. :p

    congrats!ur mom betul2 bangga sama kamu.. ;)

    • Arms says:

      Ba ko pula tu melambai-lambai sia dari jauh pula hahaa jk.

      Oo I see. Ya ba, banyak orang guna tu jalan. Ari tu banyak yang pulang Raya, adui jam brabis ba.

      Ya ya because banyak jenis tu orang masuk kedai dia. Banyak yang VIP juga, macam lawyers and police officers.

      Memang tu pic bikin panas kan. Macam perempuan o sia rasa lepas ambi pic. Ada geli skijap ni.

  4. aemy says:

    that bridge is very familiar la to me.. :p hehehe…always limpas sana ni..hehe..oh i’ve been to little town, x notice pula ada ron’s grill di atas…the restaurant’s cool! nnt la sy p beaufort lg naik train..hehe..

    • Arms says:

      Ya tu bridge wajib di limpas tu. Tapi sadly, kecil ja. That day, jam ni. Semua balik kampung halaman masing-masing hehee.

      Ya ya ada Ron’s Grill. Hmm maybe baru buka ba tu. Sia lupa suda bila.

      Orite, hati-hati naik train yo.

  5. Alv0808 says:

    Im going to Beaufort thingy. Nanti sa pi cari tu Ron’s Grill..

  6. Aki Karut says:

    Hehehe.. tu camwhore juga la paling manang.. wahh,knapa ko nda gambar sipitang.. kampung si Aki.. hehehe..

    • Arms says:

      Tu camwhore paling manang, bikin panas lagi hahaa.

      Ala sorry geng, nda lama kami di Sipitang, time tu sia kepanasan ni berpeluh. Jadi nda ada gambar di snap.

      Bila ko balik kampung halaman geng?

  7. MichelleSung says:

    weeeehoo…sa trtarik sama itu ron’s grill..mau pigi la wlupun nda tau dmana haha.. uiyo santik ba MM d beaufort ni..

    • Arms says:

      Tanya ja urang Beaufort, diorang tau di mana tu. Hahaa nda ba.

      Tapi confirm diorang tau tu mahkamah di mana la kan. LOL.

  8. huiyoo quite scary oh ur mum’s job =.= mesti dia pro dia bwat poker face kan.. haha..

    But if I were u pun, sy rasa sy tunggu dlm keta ja.. 1st reason same like yours and second takut sy tinguk muka diorang heh1

    • Arms says:

      Ya scary juga ni. Dia perempuan maybe okay sikit la tapi dia macam cakap garang sama tu suspects juga. Kalo sia jadi salah satu tu suspect (palis-palis LOL), volcano suda tu hati sia marah hahaa.

      Dia nda takut tu. Biasa suda.

      Tapi ya, sia pun takut tinguk muka diorang. Takut muka sia kena cam ni wakakaa.

  9. Gunaqz says:

    Itu gambar yang paling last bah!
    ha ha. Cute!

    • Arms says:

      Owh well, what can I say…
      LOL jan ko puji-puji ba Gunaqz. Sia nda mo hidung sia kembang.

      Napa urang bilang cute a, sia mo jadi hensem tapi nda dapat ni. Wakakaa jk.

  10. Daniel Chiam says:

    Arms, my dad is from Beaufort and its the place where we always balik kampung during chinese new year. My datuk used to own a kedai kopi there – Nam Fatt di kedai papan sana before it was burnt down by fire…

    Saja mo crita panjang2, manatau kita ni berkenalan dari Sabah lagi… or maybe related someway, haha

    • Arms says:

      Hmm my grandfather is actually from Membakut but his brother stayed at Beaufort.

      Nda tau la kan, manatau. Buli juga sia panggil ko Bro more often hahaa.

      Kalo banjir, Beaufort sengsara o kan.

  11. mmg enjoy sakan la c arms ni kn..huhu.. i missed home too!huhu.

  12. Iyna says:

    hee,penatya drive..
    cntik jg beaufort ni kan..
    bulum smpai lgi ni..kasian tul…hehehe..

    • Arms says:

      Adui ko belum sampai Beaufort lagi? Ko mo sia angkat ko pigi jalan-jalan di sana ka ni. Hahaa jk.

      Ba pigi la sana bila ada masa. Nda banyak special la sana tapi bangunan-bangunan lama dia siok tinguk ni. Old school orang bilang hahaa.

      • Iyna says:

        hahaha,bulum lgi..kasian ni..
        tgu da masa misti mo pijak jg semua tmpt d sbh tu..bgunan lama yg siok mo tgk tu..susa mo di cari kan.. yes1

  13. Ashley says:

    Haha…’BIKIN PANAS’, what an ending. Btw, tu Ron’s Grill mcm menarik..

  14. liliejohn. says:

    arms: sy bukan org beufort n sy nda penah p beufort.. maybe next time..
    tp adik sy ada di beufort,..
    dia jak la satu2 nya org yg sy kenal yg ada d beufort skrg… ha ha ha

    gambar last tu bah, mmg la camwhore! kalah sy owh..

    • Arms says:

      Miss Lilie, bagus ko pigi cari masa pigi sana. Kalo nda, sia suru urang pick up ko then pigi kamu jalan2 sana.

      LOL padahal ko pun di Peninsular juga suda kan. Ba nanti bila suda balik la hehee.

      Gambar paling last? Bukan sia tu. Adik twin sia.

  15. tiara says:

    i knew it! another camwhoring session on the last part i see! bwahahahaha. arms, tulung bah kasi hadiah tu gitar sm sy. even nda pndai main. ;D

    by the way, hello arms! it’s been a while :)

    • Arms says:

      Ko nda pandai main? Gitar Kapok ko mo ka hehee.

      Ya it’s been a while. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Princess AKA Ghost hahaa.

      Tu camwhoring adalah wajib. Tapi nda wajib kena post. Tapi di post juga LOL.

  16. Just says:

    can see that your mom is really proud of you.. klu hubby sia msk tu restoran mmg nda mau kluar laitu.. hahahaha..

  17. RedCherries says:

    the guitar are they for real ? it’s like walking in to a jamming studio.

    P/S say hi to uncle :)

    • Arms says:

      The guitars are real… except for the mini ones la. But the guitars were the owner’s guitars when he was growing up.

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