My name is Tokek

Regarding my Day 12 post…

Still not convinced that it’s huge?
2012 01 12180314 My name is Tokek
Just see how big is the box my colleague put the gecko in and compare it with the picture of the said gecko. Besar kans?
(Sorry, buddy. Had to cover your face or the ‘tokek’ hunters will come and get ya hahaa.)
2012 01 12180329 1 My name is Tokek
Convinced much? Hehee.


Whatever it is, I’m still sceptical on whether or not there is a price on those ‘tokek’ heads. Searching online and I found this interesting price list.
hargacicaktokek9 My name is Tokek
My observation from this picture is either the one who quoted it always skipped math class when he was in secondary school or he’s a genius and he formulated his own formula in buying / selling them geckos. Hahaa jaz kidin. No offense or what la actually but I’m really curious as to how he managed to make this list.

Or maybe there’s a secret ‘tokek’ community calculating all this. The Toucake Club… you know, the on-purpose-misspelling just to confuse the public because this club is exclusive. Exclusive to those having more than 5 geckos or at least having just one really fat ‘tokek’.

Siok dengar sia merepek kans? Baru ko taw. Sepa suru ko baca. LOL.

Anyways, because I actually saw how big a gecko aka ‘tokek’ can grow up to, this picture is convincing.
1286889496 128037845 1 membeli tokek seluruh sabah sabah 1286889496 My name is Tokek

Boy: I can’t believe this! I’m going to be rich! First I’ll buy my own Vios, then get a haircut… then this… that.
10 seconds after this picture was taken… Cameraman snatch gecko from boy.

Let’s face it, money makes people do bad things. Now if ‘tokek’ = money, then trouble is surely lurking somewhere. I’ve heard news of people fighting over these innocent colourful creatures.


Also, there’s a video here to help you gain some kind of acknowledgement of this once-hunted / still hunted being.
Now that’s what I call an obese ‘tokek’ wakakaa.

But no matter what, there is still one famous picture that I don’t think I’ll ever confirm its authenticity. Unless!.. the freaking gecko is right in front of me! Hahaa. Here’s what I’m talking about.
gambar tokek mahal My name is Tokek
I don’t believe this is the real thing. All I can say is that it’s Photoshopped damn fine.



pixel My name is Tokek

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  1. Aemy
    Aemy January 16, 2012 at 11:37 | | Reply

    whoaaa!!! the last picture is for sure a fake..hahaha. one of my friends is a gecko hunter too, man, he’s so obsessed. haha.

  2. miki aya
    miki aya January 19, 2012 at 06:14 | | Reply

    That was one huge taocake. hahaha!

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