Day 30: Fill my tyre

30th January 2012

Was about to go off and head home when suddenly the security guard knocked on my window.

“Boss, boss…”

“Ui, napa tu, geng.”

“Bagus ko isi dulu tu tayar ko.”

“Adui… ya la. Mo flat suda ni hahaa. Thank you, boss.”

“Uits, jangan la panggil boss.”

“Lek ba ko. Sia jalan dulu a.”

Then me went to the nearest petrol station and fill up my tyre… Filled it as fast as I can because it was going to run.

Silly because I still had time to take a picture.

2012 01 30175806 Day 30: Fill my tyre

pixel Day 30: Fill my tyre

8 comments on “Day 30: Fill my tyre

  1. Coffee Girl says:

    Eh cantik jam. Hehe

  2. miki aya says:

    sy pun slalu panggil org boss. :p

  3. cherrie says:

    JB banyak org Sabah kan …

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