Day 31: Bye bye C.S.O.

31st January 2012

My final day as a Customer Service Officer before I’m being transferred to another department.

2012 01 31 1 Day 31: Bye bye C.S.O.

pixel Day 31: Bye bye C.S.O.

6 comments on “Day 31: Bye bye C.S.O.

  1. kay masingan says:

    good luck di department baru..:) yes1

  2. miki aya says:

    strong prex…….strong t-rex…….

    anyway, what’s up with the new department?

    • Arms says:

      Hahaa Strong T-Rex. Me likey new nickname.

      I’ve been transferred to a new department. Actually the management give me a choice whether want me to stay in Sales or move to Production. So I just move la.

      Now, working as a Planner. Bikin panat punya karaja.

  3. beaty says:

    ko pinda d mana? wah naik pangkat ka?

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