Had an inventory checking in our warehouse today. And here I am in what I think was the first time I used the timer on my camera.

20120330 153636 1 Stock taking

While checking on the stock, the staff ‘kacau-kacau’ me.

“Armstrong, apa ko buat sana tu. Bercamping ka?”

“Arms, why are you sitting. Your pants will get dirty.”

“Wa, tidak nampak ko o Arms.”

“Arms, ****** looking for you. He ask you to call him back. Urgent.”

Arms: Fffffuuuuuuaaaarrrggghhh.



pixel Stock taking

4 Responses to “Stock-taking”

cherrie April 1st, 2012 at 12:15

wah ur love mcm fun. I always dream to wear those topi2 that..ha ha


Arms Reply:

I always wanted to wear one too when I was a kid. Just to try it. But now, I hate it. Makes my head sweat a lot hahaa.

btw, ‘love’?


cherrie April 3rd, 2012 at 08:18

opps sorry, what i meant was “work” haiyo dunno mcm mana tertaip love pula..


Arms Reply:

Uits, you can just reply using my previous comment ba ;D

We both know what you meant… but also, we both dunno how you could have that typo. Maybe you were thinking of someone special during that time?


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