Munajat Cinta

I remember when I was still young and INNOCENT (lol), and single hahaa, I used to listen to emotional songs… suddenly you all will be like “Ya ka, Arms? ‘Used to???’. Okay, okay of course I still go into the jiwangs state on certain occasions but hey, who doesn’t, right?

Okay, back to the point at hand, when I was younger, there was this one song that is one of my favourite sad-love songs of all time. Favourite meaning if I compile songs and named the folder as ‘Emo songs’, this song would be in it.

I’m talking about Munajat Cinta by The Rock. Not that Rock as in “If You Smeeeeeellll… what The Rock, is cookin”. It’s a band which Ahmad Dani from Dewa 19 is in and I dig this song very much. Feels great to listen to it again after so many years passed by.

Malam Ini Kusendiri
Tak Ada Yang Menemani
Seperti Malam Malam
Yang Sudah Sudah

Hati Ini Selalu Sepi
Tak Ada Yang Menghiasi
Seperti Cinta Ini
Yang Slalu Pupus

Tuhan Kirimkanlah Aku
Kekasih Yang Baik Hati
Yang Mencintai Aku
Apa Adanya…

Mawar Ini Semakin Layu
Tak Ada Yang Memiliki
Seperti Aku Ini
Semakin Pupus…

Back To Reff:
Tuhan Kirimkanlah Aku
Kekasih Yang Baik Hati
Yang Mencintai Aku
Apa Adanya…


I tried to find the exact definition of ‘munajat’ and the best definitions I could find are these:
“…Munajaat is the other name of asking something (prayer) from God but in a deeper manner. I mean asking something very deeply…”
“… speaking privately, fervent prayer, inward conversation with God…”


I used to be so lonely. So lonely that my best friends were virtual friends from an online game. Which the good side is they are from around the world, US, England, The Philippines, and Singapore. And others whom I’m not close with.

(Okay, lari tajuk lagi.)


My point here is, even though I was alone, but I didn’t go around and look for lady friends hehee. I only had one ex. So, ya.


But there was a point where I wished there was just someone out there whom I can be with and spend time together. And at that time, this song kept playing in my head… again, and again, and aaaaggaaain. “Tuhan kirimkanlah aku, kekasih…”

I did get a ‘kekasih yang baik hati’ after a few years later. And I am currently infinity in love with her.



P.S Siapa kembang bulu, angkat tangan. Baru ko tau, sepa suru ko tebaca post yang emo.



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16 Responses to “Munajat Cinta”

Rungitom April 4th, 2012 at 23:25

I’m lonely now, so I wanna listen to this song. Dang, so much ‘Emo songs’ in my playlist.


Arms Reply:

I believe I know what you feel like, bro. Even though I’m not that lonely anymore, but I still know what it felt like. Seriously. So, cheer up, dude.

Just remember Barney’s saying… “When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”

And have you ever tried being Barney. Not one particular girlfriend but a lot of lady friends! Hahaa.

Happy Thursday, Tom!


Rungitom Reply:

You know something about Barney, he had a lot of lady friends… that he bang…bang, bagity bang, I said a bang bang bagity bang! ~♫

Be awesome.. yeah, maybe I be awesome instead. :D


Arms Reply:

You don’t have a lot of lady friends meh. You also got mah. The only difference is there are no bagity bang activities involved. Waka waka.

Ya, let’s be awesome, dude! Hehee.

P.S Gambar pakai spec tu ba. Automatically jadi awesome suda tu kalo suda ada sunglasses.


cherrie April 5th, 2012 at 10:43

O mai I can see that.

I used to be Dewa hard core fan ba but not anymore.Now I only listen to mat salleh song, ceh punya trip kan.

How many years sdh ko in relationship ar? I am just wondering bah… he he


Arms Reply:

You can see wat o :D

Hahahaa. I’m a fan of Indonesian band. Just a few la, and I like their songs only, not the band itself. But an exception for Dewa because all the members are really talented, especially the guy singing there.

Trip urang putih suda ka ko. Wakaka. Jan ko risau, sia dulu trip boyband, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Boyzone,… hahaa. So, sia lagi la trip. Heeee.

Years? Coming to three this month. Why wondering o?


cherrie Reply:

nothing ba just mo menyibuk saja..
o I don’t like boyband anymore mcm sound so gay ba.. :) punya trip sa


Arms Reply:

Ya, I always played with my pals saying we are gay friends because none of us had girlfriends back then. We had targets, but no lady friends. Wakakaa… TMI… too much information. LOL.

Ko taw, baru sia tau ni that your blog have two writers. So who’s the one I’m replying ni, the younger, Cherrie or the elder sis, Mia? You write your name here Cherrie so I assume ko la kans.

Mesti ko geli hati tu kan before this because I dunno that there are two of you.


cherrie Reply:

sa bah si Cherri. Kakak sa x mo sa reveal byk2 info psl dia sdh,dia ckp sensitive issue. so i blog by myself saja lo.beside klu sa start talking ni nda ingat dunia sdh.

Tidak juga geli lah tapi menyampahs ni.He’he’.
Tidak bah :)


Arms Reply:

I see… si Cherrie ba pula. Hi, Cherrie! wakakaa.

Nda ingat dunia? Macam tu la sia suka. LOL.

Menyampah lagi tu hahaa. Jarang dengar tu perkataan.

Happy Sunday ;)


floyd April 5th, 2012 at 14:56

Ahh I know what you need:
a song like..
“ibu-ibu bapa-bapa,
siapa yg boleh bantu tolong aku
carikan kekasih hati ku”

something to that lyric,
the local radio stations play frequently recently.

Neway, have a great weekend, bro. We have a long one in Sabah.


Arms Reply:

What? Lagu apa tu. Kasi link dulu ba mana-mana. Have they got that song on YouTube ka? Or just over there?

Yalakan, kasi jealous sia ka, dude. Hahaa. I miss Sabah very much. Sangat sangat, you have no idea.


Aemy April 5th, 2012 at 19:18

hi 5!!!! after so long sy x blogwalk, i feel very welcomed by u as u post my favorite song! ^^ heeee klu p karoks lagu ni wajib ni sy pilih..hehe…

“And I am currently infinity in love with her”
…awwwwwwwww….. ;)


Arms Reply:

low five! Wakakaa.

Wa feel welcomed ka… like got red carpet for you ka hahaa.

Siok kans this song. Wow, karoks? When will I have a chance to hear you sing, Aemy? Upload di youtube la waka waka.

Memang pun aww. lol.


arlen April 8th, 2012 at 18:57

I used to listen many Indon songs back then.Hoh,including this one! Haha.Happy Easter arms.^_^


Arms Reply:

Hahaa siok o Indon songs kan.

And a happy Easter to you too. Happy mid-week yo.


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