Blood pressure

I sprained my neck last Friday but I still went to work because I am an idiot wakakaa. But seriously, if you can still manage, then just go to work la, right? NOT. Here’s why…

Because of me keep telling myself that I am a good and dedicated staff, I ignored my neck and it lead to dire consequences. Yup, I was on bed from Saturday morning till Monday morning (yup, I didn’t go to church) because of my neck. Even to turn to the left or the right was a pain in the ass… or in this case, a pain in the neck. LOL. And yesterday afternoon, I managed to get up and went to see the doctor.

“What seems to be the problem?”. I thought that sentence only exists in movies but I was wrong. I usually get sentences like “What’s wrong?” or “What is the problem?” . For me, the word ‘seems’ makes a huge difference in a sentence. And I even got “What’s wrong with you?” or the simplest is “Yes?”. Arrrghh. Anyway, I told the doc what had happened and she straight away took the blood pressure checker and checked mine.



Average Blood Pressure
For young people – 120/80 mmHg
For old people – 140/90 mmHg


High Blood Pressure Chart

Systolic pressure (mm Hg) Diastolic pressure (mm Hg) Stages of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
140 90 Stage 1
160 100 Stage 2
180 110 Stage 3
210 120 Stage 4


As I was saying, the doctor checked mine and said 146 / something I forgot.

317749 Blood pressure

But sia nda puas hati, so today I used the company’s blood pressure checker and guess what…
dafuq did i just read meme Blood pressure

I have always heard about high blood pressure but I’ve never imagined myself having one. I guess it’s a wake up call for me.

This is my medical cert for yesterday. And as you can see, I’m supposed to be resting at home today but like I said before, I am an… I mean, I am a good staff. Ha.
20120410 082036 1 Blood pressure

Doctor said, don’t take fast food, don’t take spicy stuff, do some exercise, and the list goes on.

Even so, last night my gf and I went to the movies and watched Mirror Mirror (hilarious and awesome movie btw) and for the final time… kunun… we went to get myself another one last bite of one of the best fast food restaurant’s serving in the world, the pizza from Pizza Hut.
20120409 211654 1 Blood pressure

Okai, cukups la makans tu, Arms.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! And stay healthy!


P.S How’s your blood pressure, guys? Okay?



pixel Blood pressure

16 Responses to “Blood pressure”

Aki Karut April 10th, 2012 at 18:13

Ho ho ho.. this is a big ho ho ho for me.. Well, I’ve once checked with 165/100.. So, just imagine that.. :D


Arms Reply:

That’s really high, dude. Hope your blood pressure is okay now already. Your latest blood pressure brapa?


lizee April 10th, 2012 at 18:29

Hi Arms! It’s been a while since I’ve visited your site. You know why? Your updates don’t appear in my reading list anymore. Napa tu ah? I thought you were on a hiatus like me @_@

Anyway, about your blood pressure, masih OK lagi tu Arms. At least your diastolic pressure is low. Mine? Before I started medication, it was 160/100 – average tu. Now with medication 130/85. Some people as young as 25 pun buli kena suda now esp if it’s in your genes. Watch your diet and don’t get too stressed out..else, you’ll end up like me ;D


Arms Reply:

Ola Lizee! Ya it’s been a while but it’s okay ba, ko ni hahaa.

Ya, a few bloggers told me that too. After researching online, I finally knew what happened. It has something to do with my website’s ping. But I’ve installed WordPress Ping Optimizer and I think it’s okay now.

Wa yours is like that ka. But now okay suda la kan. And you’re on medication ka?

Ya actually I should watch my diet a lot… and I have to exercise.

I hope your health is at its best always, Lizee.

Have a great week.


Stella April 10th, 2012 at 20:57

Nah arms, mau kena hati2 suda tu. makin berumur makin worst tu klu tidak hati2. For me, lain crita..selalu kurang darah ja tht means low pressure la ni.. Hmm..


Arms Reply:

Ya from now on I have to be more careful. Cannot eat McD anymore :(

Yours is low blood pressure ka. Well, mcmna your blood pressure now?


Fadzmie April 10th, 2012 at 21:43

For the time being, mine still okay. Normal. But still, I have to be careful. Sebab saya punya keturunan ni memang ada high blood pressure. =.=”


Arms Reply:

Last time pun I though mine was okay… until recently badan ada sakit-sakit. Sekali tinguk, high pressure pula.

Ya, dude. We have to be careful with our health.


Rungitom April 11th, 2012 at 08:10

Thank goodness my bp is still ok, don’t neglect even a single symptom that might lead to a serious condition. Hope you will recover 100%. yes1


Arms Reply:

Glad to hear that yours is okay yo.

Actually I have some symptoms before this but I ignored it. Now only I know that it’s actually serious.

I hope I will too.


chegu carol April 11th, 2012 at 11:37

let that be a reminder to all of us to take care of our health la kan arms…if me, i’m at risk of low BP. my bp is usually around 100/70..itu pun after much movement masi lagi around that. cua kalo on relax mode, my bp can go down to 90/60.


Arms Reply:

This is indeed a good reminder for us. I didn’t really care about blood pressure before until now. Yours low o kan. But your health is fine kan.

All the best to our healths! Hehee.


meitzeu April 11th, 2012 at 12:22

Gosh~ the neck is one of the most important part of our body, U MUST TAKE CARE EH!!

Don’t overused it, the wrong way will lead to unforeseeable circumstances in the future.

Meitzeu @ Blog
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Meitzeu @ Twitter


Arms Reply:

Ya it’s very important. I can’t even drive the car properly, can’t look at the side mirror.

My nerve kind of tight nowadays the doc said.

Well, happy week!


Aemy April 11th, 2012 at 12:27

omg i havent checked my blood pressure since 3 years ago…
that’s ur wake up call, buddy. have a healthy diet.. hope ur blood pressure get back to normal soon!


Arms Reply:

Aemy! You should check your BP asap. Because I haven’t checked mine before this and suddenly this.

I hope mine will get back to normal soon too.


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