Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

I took a leave last Friday to attend my brother’s convocation which was the day after… well, I need to get there at least a day earlier, right.
And it was a long journey. Thankfully I have my thumb drive which is full of awesome songs so I won’t get bored or feel lonely. LOL.

The whole trip took me around 4 hours because I was taking my time. Safety first, right? However, when I used to do outstations, it’s 3 hours one way. But don’t tell any of the traffic personnel ya. Or if they do find out, let’s just assume that I am joking, okay? Heee.

When I reached Putrajaya to attend the convocation rehearsal, it was already 3.30. I am late. Supposed to depart in the morning but I was very tired the day before… or maybe it’s just the slothfulness in me that kicked in hahaa.

So here I was at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre and I just parked my car down there. The ‘genius’ in me snapped one so I remember where I left my car… without any number indication.
20120413 153132 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

20120413 153148 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur
Took another pic to cover that ‘genius’.

Arrived at the hall. So nice. Loved the seats, very comfy. I would really like to watch a big adventure movie in those seats… and in 3D of course.
20120413 154930 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

I just had to take the lights too.
20120413 163640 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur


Fast forward, we head to the hotel. My family had arrived since Wednesday. And I should have taken a leave the day before so that I can spend more time with them. But no, work was more important… according to my company. Thus, they have my longest finger automatically. Hahaa.

Early dinner at Cu Cha Restaurant. I ordered Wan Tan Mee but the picture doesn’t exist because my empty stomach had a way bigger priority. Kan perut?
20120413 182959 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

I know that this is a famous area to have dinner, been here a few times. The previous one was really embarrassing because I was intoxicated and was bla bla that is a different story. LOL.
20120413 183750 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

There was a church nearby and a picture was needed because the view was great.
20120413 183732 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

This was how it looked like from my hotel window before I went to bed.
20120413 194010 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

Eh, not yet la.

We head to Berjaya Times Square to get some coffee.

(My mum.)
20120413 212309 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

20120413 212124 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur
Caramel Macchiato… nyam nyam. Once a while coffee. More like once in a blue moon.

Actually, we went here to meet my ex-girlfriend…
battleship rihanna Weekend around Kuala Lumpur


How was the movie? 10 out of 10. Never seen a movie so satisfying in quite a while now.

Lastly, here’s a comparison of my and my young bro. People say I look more like my dad and my brother looks like my mother.
C360 2012 04 13 21 25 39 Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

To be continued yo…



pixel Weekend around Kuala Lumpur

28 Responses to “Weekend around Kuala Lumpur”

meitzeu April 17th, 2012 at 19:32

LOL :D X gf!!!

Your mom looks pretty! :)



Arms Reply:

Why thank you. I guess it runs in the family. Wakakaa totally kidding.

And why are you laughing at the ex-gf statement? Don’t believe me? LOL.

Have a grrreat end of weekdays, Meitzeu!


misya April 17th, 2012 at 19:47

wah, siuknya la ba jln2 sm family.;)


Arms Reply:

Siok memang siok. Especially macam sia ni, sesat di Semenanjung but manage to jalan-jalan dengan fam di KL. Yay.

Selamat hari lima, Misya!


Daniel Chiam April 17th, 2012 at 19:49

angry4 where is my picture?!

Hahahaha demmit ex gf konon…


Arms Reply:

Hahaa si DC. Yo man, I’m gonna post about our meeting later. But you got the pics suda kans hehee.

Ex-gf la. Napa? Problem? Ahahaa.

Have a happy Friday, buddy!


Aki Karut April 17th, 2012 at 19:59

si DC tida sabar sudah tu gambar dia keluar.. abis la ko.. :D


Arms Reply:

Sia tau tu. Suda sia bagi gambar sama dia. Tapi sia akan post pasal meeting kita juga la. Today sia try post. Laptop sia expire suda o geng. Nda hidup-hidup.

Happy Friday, Mr Aki.

P.S Nanti sia kasi set tu google reader sia. Sampai sekarang belum smpai blog ko ni sia blogwalk, lambat sia ni hahaa.


Just April 17th, 2012 at 20:24

Nda sama muka ko sama ur bro Arms.. Beda banget! Heeee..


Arms Reply:

Just! Nda sempat jumpa ko tu ari, sorry a. Lain kali ada chance ba tu kan.

Memang pun muka kami nda sama. Sebab sia lagi handsome kan? Wakakaa.

Selamat Friday, Just!


Borneo Geek April 17th, 2012 at 21:13

kau tinggal d Apple Hotel ka? Sya pernah stay sana last year. Dominos Pizza tau tu hotel pasal sya pigi order. yes1


Arms Reply:

Ooo nda la. Sia stay di YY38 Hotel. Apple Hotel sebelah mana tu. Sia dekat Jalan Alor.

Ba, Borneo Geek. Happy Friday, yo.


Aemy April 17th, 2012 at 21:18

u & ur mom very look alike ohh…hehe..pretty mother ;)
congrats to ur brother, anyway. cant wait for my graduation day.. :p hehehe…
im going to watch Battleship this weekend. im gonna be thrilled ;)


Arms Reply:

Ya ka. Many people said my bro looks more like my mother. And I look more like my father. Actually, I am considered an exact copy of my dad. Hehee.

You’re going to watch Battleship? Well, be prepared because you’re going to have a blast. Hahaa.

Happy happy Friday, Ms Aemy.


beaty April 18th, 2012 at 12:26

wow ada konvo suda owh..he he

wah ko p kl ko tingu Rihana ja ka? lol//mcm best kan ni battleship!


Arms Reply:

Yup, my bro convocation. Dia ambil IT di Cosmopoint KK. Happy for him.

Sia pigi KL untuk mo jumpa ex-girl sia kan si Rihanna. LOL.

Battleship memang best! 10/10. Betul.

Beaty, selamat hari 5!


stella April 18th, 2012 at 14:14

sioknya, disamping itu dpt jalan2 hehe..
Wah, muda oh you MOM! :)


Arms Reply:

Ya, siok ni jalan-jalan with family. Because long time nda jumpa diorang suda kan.

Young kan dia. Single mother tu mum sia and I am proud of her!

Stella, happy Friday!


Jesse April 18th, 2012 at 14:29

great movie indeed!hehe.. byk2 topik ko di atas, battleship yg paling sy mau ckp.hahaha.. having great times at KL with family ooh..siokkk >___<


Arms Reply:

Mesti ko nda sabar mo pigi tinguk Battleship ni kans. Ba pigi la, capat. Apa yang ditunggu tu hahaa.

Ya I did have an awesome time with family. Siok! Rindu suda diorang ni.

Happy Friday, Jesse!


Charmaine April 18th, 2012 at 16:03

:p you watched Battleship also!!


Arms Reply:

Yes, I did! How did you find the movie? Siok?

by the way, have a great Friday ya, Ms Charmaine.


Diana Diane Teo April 18th, 2012 at 19:29

The hall really look so grand. Ada sikit macam itu kerajaan buat persidangan. Hahaha…

Jalan Alor.. The best place for dinner. In btwn, ur mom macam ada CHinese looks. Can’t wait for ur photo with si DC and Aki :P


Arms Reply:

Ya kinda grand. Semua flag ada sana, satu Malaysia hahaa.

The best place for breakfast and dinner hehee.

My mum? I think my whole family ada Chinese looks. Kalo sia pigi kedai kan, kena cakap cina ja ni.

I’ll post pictures of them soon yo.

In the meantime, happy Friday!!!


ngiau April 18th, 2012 at 19:59

uisehh cadangan baik gia tu gmbr tmpt paking kereta hehe


Arms Reply:

Ya ba. Sia ni pelupa ba ni. So paling senang is to take picture.

Happy Friday, Ngiau. Bertimbun pics ko di Instagram kan hehee. Like them all.


Coffee Girl April 19th, 2012 at 22:42

Caramel macchiato!! wohooooo! sedap ba kan? And your mom looks so young, boleh pass jd gf ko. :-) Where did you drive down from again?


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