Brother’s convocation

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20120414 085655 Brothers convocation

The next day, it was my bro’s Cosmopoint convocation and we had to wake up early, just in case, right. Who knows suddenly got jam or whatever. By the way, we are staying at the YY38 Hotel at Bukit Bintang which is quite far from the place we’re headed to, I think la. We were needed to be at Putrajaya Internation Convention Centre (PICC) before 11am. However, most importantly, breakfast first!

And like most of the time, I was very hungry. So, you only see what remains of my breakfast. Hahaa.
C360 2012 04 14 09 30 07 org Brothers convocation


Off to Putrajaya! Drive, drive… yes, it is far. During that drive, I was dissapointed that my car runs on 1.3L and not 1.6L. Hmm.

THE bridge. Don’t ask me how I managed to take this picture.
20120414 100359 Brothers convocation

Before continuing, we took some shots around the area. It’s not like we always get to be here.

I snapped this one with the help of the Camera 360 app and I really liked the HDR effect. Even if it’s a fake HDR hahaa.
C360 2012 04 14 10 22 54 Brothers convocation
(My bro and his gf)

Panorama view of the convention centre! Cool, ya. There’s a difference in the lighting because… well, because of the lighting. LOL.
20120414 110759 Brothers convocation

20120414 122914 Brothers convocation
I hate blurry pics but these are the most decent ones I have of the gifts.
20120414 122943 Brothers convocation

And I spot a Smurf hiding in one of the convocation gifts.
20120414 122905 Brothers convocation


Time to go inside the hall. People need Guest Pass or they can’t go in. One person can only bring 2 people. There are three of us attending his convocation ceremony. How did I manage to get in? We will never know. Hahaa.
20120414 123433 Brothers convocation

So, what’s inside. Two big screens and awesome lights. And we sat at the centre part which is under the main chandelier.
C360 2012 04 14 12 50 15 org Brothers convocation

C360 2012 04 14 12 47 09 org Brothers convocation

Chip was also present to attend the ceremony. Cute kans si Chip?
IMG 20120414 132024 Brothers convocation
I feel awkward having a giant chipmunk between my legs. Wakakaa.

The VIPs have arrived. Finally, we can start the ceremony. It actually didn’t take long for them to come. But the convocation itself was so long. I took naps during the ceremony.
20120414 142101 Brothers convocation

20120414 142303 Brothers convocation

Didn’t manage to take my bro’s scroll receiving moment picture because it was quite far. Took a clip though.

At the end, they gave awards to students who excelled in their studies and more than 50% of them are from Cosmopoint, Kota Kinabalu! And guess what, the best student for that badge is a Sabahan!

Sabah tatap.


Congratulation on your graduation, Oscar. He doesn’t know about my blog so I just congratulate him telepathically la. Brothers kan, got some kind of connection. Hahaa.
20120414 173751 Brothers convocation

Proof that I was indeed at the P.I.C.C. hehee.
20120414 180802 Brothers convocation

The convention centre is huge!
20120414 181836 Brothers convocation

And here’s a view from the centre itself.
C360 2012 04 14 11 00 38 Brothers convocation


We were so hungry so after returning to the hotel, we straight away went to the nearest shop we could find because it was also raining.
20120414 191837 Brothers convocation

C360 2012 04 14 19 50 36 org Brothers convocation
We waited for more than half an hour. Sot kans? I had a feeling that they were trying to impress us with their food. However, they should’ve balanced it with their waiting time. My stomach was making a lot of noise before our food came.

One last picture. My favourite. All pictures here are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and I can tell you that the camera is really-really awesome.
C360 2012 04 14 10 12 29 1 Brothers convocation

The end.


Ehhh, it’s not the end of the weekend yet. Still another post coming up. A post about my meeting with Mr Aki and Mr DC, at the same time! And it was the first time they met each other too! Look forward to that yo.

In the meantime, happy Thursday, everybody!

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15 Responses to “Brother’s convocation”

DoRa April 19th, 2012 at 18:52

Cute oo the chipmunk, besar kepala da.. hahaha.. congrats to your bro..
Totally unrelated question, why you choose Proton Saga Arms? Any problems so far?


Arms Reply:

Cute betul kan? Kalo sia tinguk profile pic ko sini, macam ko ni tu Chipmunk. Bulat kan. Hahaa nda ba, Dora. I mean cute, macam chipmunk. Compliment ba tu kan.

Happy Friday!


kay masingan April 19th, 2012 at 19:52

congrats to u brother..hahahha chipmunk between ur leg..inga mengacau juga ka dia tu Arms..hahaha. funny oh.. no1 please1 haaha2


Arms Reply:

Ya chipmunk di celah kedua-dua kaki wakakaa.

Mengacau o dia. Tinguk la gigi dia besar. Pandai menggigit ni. Nasib baik sia punya jeans tebal ni.

Oya, selamat hari %. Eh, hari 5 ba maksud sia. Muahahaa.


Ashley April 19th, 2012 at 21:44

Hey hey, I’m using Camera360 too, haha! And the phone camera; setanding dgn digital camera o.. Btw, congrats to ur bro :D


Arms Reply:

The Camera360 is really fun, right. A lot of effects to choose from. I like HDR the most, as you can see hahaa.

Ya ya the phone camera ada fight dengan digital camera ni. I am fully satisfied with my phone’s 8mp camera. I think because Samsung use really awesome lens.

But I am still looking forward to buying my own DSLR.

Have a great Friday, Ashley.


Aemy April 19th, 2012 at 22:02

now u & oscar really look alike..hehe..congrats to ur brother! happy graduation!! oh what a sweet graduation..i cant wait for mine! the chipmunk is so cute!! would u give me one on my convo? :p haha…
btw, ur bro’s gf is cute ^^


Arms Reply:

Really? I think we are alike in some way but I don’t think we look like each other. Hahaa I dunno, maybe other people have better eyes kan.

Ya congrats to him.

When is your graduation, Aemy? Got date already ka?

If I was nearby when you convo then why not ;D

Cute ka dia? Same age as me tu. My brother is younger than her. Hahaa. Hebat kan dia. LOL.

TGIF, Aemy!


Coffee Girl April 19th, 2012 at 22:39

Telepathically jugak si adik kau reply “welcome!” Congrats to ur bro. Hahaha lucu betul. Nice hall, and nice shots. Memang betul la camera phone skrg makin canggih. Kau meeting sama si DC again? wah… memang kecik lagi dunia ni.


Arms Reply:

Ya, kami ada connection. Kalo sia marah, dia tau tu. Wakakaa.

Nice hall dia kan. Shot? Erm, buli-buli la. Sayang ba sia belum ada DSLR.

But ya, nice also la. And memang makin canggih.

I met DC again. Dunia is kecik. But I met him on purpose. I went to his workplace and kacau him. I also met Mr Aki la.

Coffee Girl, happy Friday yo!


Aki Karut April 20th, 2012 at 05:04

sa baca2 sampai habis, trus sa nampak tu kereta putih.. ni la tu kereta yang sembarang ja masuk jalan like a bos kan?? Ha ha ha..


Arms Reply:

Proton Saga Putih juga la kan… pigi mana-mana pun, pusing KL ka Subang ka Shah Alam ka… like a boss hehee.

Had a good time chatting dengan kamu dua, geng.


Jesse April 20th, 2012 at 07:59

why u no picture with my sis? haha >< btw, nice pictures la clear and vivid (exception for some blurry pics)


Arms Reply:

I wanna take picture of your sis time dia ambi scroll but my camera can’t zoom that far. I got zoom also but blur already.

Sorry about the blurry pics yo.

Have a great Friday, Jesse!


Gunaqz April 25th, 2012 at 05:40

Congrats to heh1 your brother! Oooo… this is a “secret” blog pula aaa. Bah, nanti sa kasi bucur sama adik ko. Hahaha


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