Aki, DC, and Arms

A continuation from the previous post…


After my brother’s convocation, my mum was tired so she slept early. My bro and his gf went to Berjaya Times Square again for some shopping.

So, because the night is still so young. I went off to find Mr DC somewhere at Subang.

20120414 223856 Aki, DC, and Arms

However, I knew 100% that I couldn’t drive around there without relying on GPS. So, I had to stop by somewhere to on check my phone and see where I was. And I was in front of Sunway Pyramid! You could see the big kitteh there hahaa.

I had already asked DC’s location earlier and I set it on my GPS. When I arrived, I thought of just going into the shop but it was a fail because I saw they had a security system on their door. Cool. That is one tight cafe hehee. So I called him la. I went in for a while but he on working hours. So, I told him that I’m going to find Aki first and DC asked to bring Aki there then we can hangout later.

Forward forward, I picked up Aki. Finding his house wasn’t as tough as before, because I was already familiar with the place.

And I arrived back at the place. But before I move on further, let me introduce you to Giggles Boardgame Cafe.
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You can play board games here & build closer friendships with other people through playing games. You will feel it is like home. You can also practice both your right and left brain. Bring your family or friends as all ages can play here. We also have VIP room available for b’day party and any other party. Let’s come and chill out here. Don’t forget to bring your friends!!!!!!! see you…

This place is so cool. The sofas, the view, everything is catchy and comfy. I really wished they had a branch here in Johor Bahru… and wished I had friends here to play boardgames with.
20120415 013902 Aki, DC, and Arms

20120415 013911 Aki, DC, and Arms

I wonder why I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the cafe. I should’ve.

Nevermind, the vital thing here is Aki, DC and I get to hangout together! I met them both on separate occasions but this time, meet the two dudes at the same time. And it was their first time meeting each other! Congrats to you both hahaa.

So, we played some games. The first one which is a warm up, the Cow Game (DC, please tell me the exact name of the game… takan la sia panggil tu game lembu hahaaha). I would like to explain the game in detail but to sum it up, the players with the most lalat, loses. And each card have different amounts of flies.

For the first game, I had the most flies (If I’m not mistaken). So, I lose and DC had the smallest amount of flies.
C360 2012 04 15 00 00 22 org Aki, DC, and Arms
Nda pa ko, DC. Ko tunggu… ko tunggu.

Second round, this time, Aki and I are already familiar with the game. And we were allies. It was quite tough but we managed to beat Mr Daniel Chiam. Wakakaa. Don’t be mad ya, DC. Play-play only… but we will remember that moment for a long time la. LOL.

Oya, updated while I was writing this entry. The game is called MOW.


Another game! Incan Gold. And a quick summary:

Incan Gold is a quick, fun and tense game in which you and other adventurers explore an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. In each of the five rounds, you secretly choose if you want to continue exploring the temple in search of more treasure or retreat to the safety of your camp with your share of the treasure that has been discovered so far.

Each time that an explorer braves new territory, more treasure or a danger appears. When a second type of the same danger is turned over, all exposed treasure is buried, leaving the remaining adventurers with nothing. Do you flee the dangerous temple with your portion of the treasure that has been uncovered so far or do you venture into the exciting temple in search of more hidden valuables?

After five rounds of exploration, whoever has the most treasure is the ultimate explorer and winner!

Basically, if you’re not a risk taker / coward, you have less treasure but at least you have some treasure, right. If you’re daring AKA greedy, you can have a lot more treasure than the scared gold-hunter hahaa, or lose all the treasure in that particular round.
20120415 012022 Aki, DC, and Arms

Some memorable quotes during the game…

“Woi! You coward!”

“Leave la you all, let me have all the treasure.”

“Go in! Go in!

“What the fuuu… what da fooo?!”

Even if it was just a brief time but I had a lot a lot of fun.

Presenting from the left, Andrew, si Arms, Francis, Lonewolf, Rexs, and Allen. Senyuman si DC paling basar. Tapi rambut afro tu juga la kan paling manang.
20120415 014554 1 Aki, DC, and Arms

Like always, I like to take pictures with people. And here I am with the big boss. And he’s a Sabahan too!
20120415 014621 Aki, DC, and Arms

Check out their FB page at Giggles Cafe. You’re welcome, Andrew. Hahaa.

Okay time to go back, so tired.











Ko gila ka mo balik awal.

Next, we went to have dinner… a very late dinner. We cleaned up the plate real good.
20120415 022720 Aki, DC, and Arms

20120415 035604 Aki, DC, and Arms
Beer is a must. And we had Carlsberg while we get to know each other more (Okay, that sounded so gay). We talked about a lot of stuff, blogging… how to blog better, what problems are there, and a lot la.

We talked about our blogger friends… Yup, kami mengumpat about you all. LOL, no la. But we did, talked nice stuff only aa hehee.

And we also discussed regarding a certain activity that is going to happen in October. Jeng jeng jeng…

pixel Aki, DC, and Arms

26 Responses to “Aki, DC, and Arms”

Diana Diane Teo April 20th, 2012 at 18:12

Handsome, cute and macho kamu semua. Si DC smile so happily and si Aki punya rambut, hahaha.. Coming soon activity in Oct? Yuhuu…


Arms Reply:

Hahaa okay I would really like to know which one is handsome, which is cute, and which is macho. lol.

Tapi diorang dua juga la kans.

Ya ya coming soon. This time you must join a, Diana yes1


Just April 20th, 2012 at 18:22

Siok kamurang aa.. I wish I can join u all in Oct. Hmm..


Arms Reply:

Just! I also hope you can join us. Belum jumpa ko lagi ni sampai sekarang hehee.


Andrew Tham April 20th, 2012 at 18:44

Thanks. I enjoyed the games with you all too. :)
Incan Gold susah la for me cos i am Greedy! hahaha


Arms Reply:

Hey Andrew, sorry for the late reply hahaa. Ya you memang greedy.

And you’re the first person I heard saying “What the fooo!” instead of “What the fffuu…” hahaa.

Next time when I’m nearby there, I go visit the cafe ya. That time, I’m gonna pay, don’t worry. Wakakaa.


Andrew Tham Reply:

Cina mesti la say “what the Fooo” hahahaha :p

come anytime you want. I will teach you more games ^.^


Fadzmie April 20th, 2012 at 19:24

Wah, have fun ohh kamurang. Di mana ka Giggles Boardgame Cafe ni? Macam saya tida pernah nampak masa saya di Sunway dulu. heh1


Arms Reply:

Bukan di Sunway ni geng. Di Subang Jaya tu kalo nda silap hehee.

But memang environment dia siok la.


Daniel Chiam April 20th, 2012 at 20:03

Andrew also started blogging not long ago – http://gigglerslife.blogspot.com/

Miahahahahaha I wont let my guard down again next time!

OCTOBER! please1


Arms Reply:

I saw his blog, dude. Because he commented here also hehee. Sana atas tu.

Next time we play bigger game, okay? Hahaa.


Aki Karut April 20th, 2012 at 20:22

let it be lepas gaji bulan 9.. when is your pay day?? ha ha ha.. :D


Arms Reply:

Pay day sia 3rd o geng. Ba, bila kita mo discussion ni. Sia guna handphone ja main facebook ni hahaa.


Rungitom April 21st, 2012 at 20:19

Better watch out, Rungitom is coming up next! yes1


Wyne Mouren Reply:



Arms Reply:

Mr Rungitom! We should play a board games some time hehee.


DoRa April 21st, 2012 at 22:13

atukoi rambut Aki :D haha.. buli tahan kamu semua! Can’t wait to see you all this October


Arms Reply:

Dora datang lagi. Eh, Tora datang lagi ba pula tu. Silap. Hahaa. Jaz kidin a, Dora. Jan marah. Kalo marah, jadi chubby taw.

Ba looking forward to see you and your knight in shining armor again hehee.


Coffee Girl April 21st, 2012 at 23:35

kakakak ni memang siDaniel yg intro board game dgn tempat ini kan? Bagus la boleh merapatkan silaturahim. ada game snake and ladder tak? LOL


Arms Reply:

Si Daniel one of the staff ba actually hehee. So kami main free la ari tu yay.

Snake and ladder? Tda. Game snake di handphone nokia sia yang lama ada la.


Aemy April 22nd, 2012 at 21:14

haha DC looks so cute!! Aki’s afro..woah cool!! ^^
u guys look great! jelez oh sy….yeaa i cant wait for october!!

ps: it would be great if we can gather on 3rd october if it’s weekend.. (my birthday hahaha)


Arms Reply:

Si DC la paling cute kan. Hahaa. And pula cool with his afro hair.

Jan jelez, we gonna meet juga soon.

3rd? Wa, happy birthday super advance wakakaa.


Wyne Mouren April 23rd, 2012 at 11:16

LOL. Ketawa sa baca ‘ko gila ka mo balik awal’. Ya bah, mmg ko gila lah kalu tidak berabisan enjoy with DC and Aki. Bukan slalu bah jumpa. *yeah, you guys like Gay XDXD*

Meet you on next gathering. Tempat yang tidak panas kio. haha.


Arms Reply:

Hahaa kami best buddies ba hehee.

Mesti la enjoy brabis. Sampai pagi o kami tu. Sia minum lagi tu. Nasib baik nda kena tahan pulis.

Yang nda panas? Hahaa. Ok ok.


Gunaqz April 25th, 2012 at 05:32

Wuii.. Syoknya kamu! Bah, bila lagi ada gathering? Saya balik kg 1/8 – 16/9. Ada cuti tu kan? Hehehe.


Arms Reply:

Uits… Sampai 16th ya. Hmm, nanti sia buat schedule untuk kamu semua ya. And we work out the best time.


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