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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Gunaqz
    Gunaqz at | | Reply

    sabar ko, ada tu next week. happy weekends!

  2. meitzeu
    meitzeu at | | Reply

    Chill Arms!

    Happy Weekend!!

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  3. arlen
    arlen at | | Reply

    Yo..diharap bw bersabar.he he.Happy weekends mr arms! ^^

  4. Aemy
    Aemy at | | Reply

    hey chill! ada juga tu nanti…enjoy ur weekend :)

  5. Rungitom
    Rungitom at | | Reply

    Patience my young Padawan, May the fourth be with you. Hope you enjoyed the weekend without worrying too much about the call, it will come next week, fingers crossed. 😉

  6. Wyne Mouren
    Wyne Mouren at | | Reply

    Sabarrrrrrrrrrrr ko sana. yo1

  7. p i n k i l l a
    p i n k i l l a at | | Reply

    LOL. Sabar, Arms, sabar. Bawa bertenang.. You’ll get that call :)

  8. Phoebe
    Phoebe at | | Reply

    Hi Arms,
    Take deep breaths. I hope you get it. Good luck! ^^

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