Russell Peters, live!


Any of you out there knows who this guy is? If you don’t. Go jump off a… wakaka jaz kidin. If you don’t watch stand-up comedies then you wouldn’t know. This guy is THE MAN. Apart from Louis C.K., Russell Peters is one of my favourite comedian. Watched his jokes on YouTube all this while (I know, cheap, right. I couldn’t afford buying the DVDs back then hahaa) and last Sunday, I managed to watch him make me laugh, live! Heeee.

My gf was the one who bought me the ticket. It wasn’t cheap. And it was worth every Singapore cent wahaha. She bought it for me as our anniversary gift because she knew I like Russell Peters very much.

I drove in to Singapore because it was more convenient than taking the bus and MRTs. Plus, I might get back late and surely enough, I took some time from the stadium to my room hehee.

There were a lot, a lot of people even when it was the 2nd day of the performance. He also performed the previous night and the tickets were sold out just like that. Thankfully we got seats!

So the venue was warmed up by Dj Spinbad. Cool mixes he made that day and I always liked those spinning and scratching hahaa. Make music on the spot. Damn, that’s the real thing.

Then the opening act followed and Mr Joey Medina came to the stage. Again, this is another honour because he’s not just some comedian. And he was really funny. Especially when he talks about porn and gum being banned in the country and how nice if there was a gum smuggler hahaa. And side info, he was a boxer before.







Mr Russell appeared after and he made us all stretch our faces more.

He made fun of races, as usual. The thing about him is that he can talk about other races and it’s still not offensive enough for people to get pissed off or whatever. Maybe they do but what do people expect, he’s a comedian.

Now, some may not know why he is the 7th highest paid comedian (source from Forbes) so here’s a clip of one of his acts.

I’ve never laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks, Russell Peters.


But lastly, macam biasa, gambar dulu ba. Wakakaa.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


P.S Laptop still in the repair shop. Damn.

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. azeanthy
    azeanthy at | | Reply

    whoaaa.i think i should watch him too, i need a joke to release my mind now.huhu.

  2. Wyne Mouren
    Wyne Mouren at | | Reply

    So, if you need something to boost your mood, you watch Russell Peters? 😉

  3. edith
    edith at | | Reply

    Sia pun peminat si Russell Peters. Watched a dvd on him many years back. You r so lucky to have watched him live!

  4. meitzeu
    meitzeu at | | Reply

    So many fans he have!

  5. Mitchell
    Mitchell at | | Reply

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  6. Coffee Girl
    Coffee Girl at | | Reply

    Hahahah sot ba dia tu.. saya youtube dia, sakit betul ketawa. intelligent standup comedian. hehehe baru nampak muka awek ko.

  7. Aemy
    Aemy at | | Reply

    i wanna jump off now. :p
    hehe..i had to google him when u mention his name in your comment.. heh1
    now im gonna utube him, & other comedians..heee..
    so sweet of ur gf to bought tickets for u! ^^

  8. chegu carol
    chegu carol at | | Reply

    i did tell you how envious i am to know u were able to listen to him LIVE, right? ENVY!

    as im typing this, RP is performing in KL now. Another envy..kalau lah tiket pi KL macam harga tambang Tungma KK-Kgau ja, confirm saya pigi tu. :(

    1. chegu carol
      chegu carol at | | Reply

      Btw, is that ur baobei in the pic? Mcm lain sikit muka dia…

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