It’s Friday!


… or better said, going back home soon!


Still have some work left to do though. But still, it’s Friday! LOL wth so excited.

This is my report that I have to ready every single morning. And daily, we would have morning meetings at 9. But I cannot help myself but keep zooming on one word during the whole meeting. Colleagues might think, “Why so serious???” or “This Armstrong is definitely not HERE right now.” as I was staring into the soul of my report.

Come to think of it, those lines are somewhat true. My body is there but my mind have wandered to Weekend Land. And I am really serious about Fridays. Hahaa.

Who doesn’t love Fridays? so Happy Friday, everyone!


P.S What are you up to this weekend?

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

15 Responses

  1. Rungitom
    Rungitom at | | Reply

    Yahoo~ I can wake up late tomorrow! yes3

  2. jesse
    jesse at | | Reply

    Yah! It’s Friday..and I ady spent it today, went around KK and have some real life for a while. hahaha 😀

    have a good weekend Arm!

  3. echa
    echa at | | Reply

    yeah of course i do love friday..hahaha..
    but this weekend tak blh huha huha..
    ada game..aiyooo..haha..
    happy friday arms 😀

  4. misya
    misya at | | Reply

    wah, sy pun suka frday;) blh jumpa suami;) yeah;)

  5. beaty
    beaty at | | Reply

    i love firday so much a relaxing say wlcome weekend tho I need to work to next day

  6. Coffee Girl
    Coffee Girl at | | Reply

    i was outstation overnight on friday but came back the next day so it wasnt so bad. tomorrow’s sunday and still have to wake up early for church, but on the other hand, it’s the weekend. wohoooo!! Happy weekend Arms! Hope u have a blast!

  7. Aemy
    Aemy at | | Reply

    TGIF means nothing to me anymore..because i still go to work on saturday! huhuuuu….
    btw, have a great weekend 😉

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