Kitteh Monday: Inspirational Cats

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It’s a new week, everyone! Hope your weekend was great. I saw your comments telling about your weekend so thanks for that.

Some had to work. Poor you… just assume that you guys are workaholic ya hehee. Someone was able to wake up late so good for you. One went around KK to jalan-jalans cari makans. And the weekend also means meeting hubby, cool. And lastly, someone had a game to play. I wonder what game is that.

Anyway, have a good Monday everyone and hope these cats can motivate you. Or if not, at least make you smile… then your colleagues will be wondering why do you smile alone.

Done looking at cat pictures? Good. Now get back to work! Wakakaa. Happy Monday, blogging freaks.




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Article written by

Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

15 Responses

  1. floyd
    floyd at | | Reply

    itu kucing on pic no.1 mcm mau cium tu cameraman jak. Muka minta kasian pun ada…hehe.

  2. Michelle Sung
    Michelle Sung at | | Reply

    Arms! itu 1st pic meow mcm muka ko oh…hahahaaha meow~~jan marah kama. Happy monday Arms. :)

  3. KaoRu
    KaoRu at | | Reply

    Ahahahaha.lama suda sy inda blogwalking pg blog ko.tatap itu kusing menjadi poojaan hati :3
    hv a nice day :3

  4. Rungitom
    Rungitom at | | Reply

    Cats… cats everywhere.. yes3

  5. echa
    echa at | | Reply

    sy main futsal bha arms…hahaha..

    waaaa..cumilnya kucing berjaya itu…bha cari2 mn 1 sy mksdkn..hahaha

  6. azeanthy
    azeanthy at | | Reply many cats!!!love cats!!

  7. Aemy
    Aemy at | | Reply

    everything’s easy when u’re cute. hahahhaa!
    okay, uplifting quotes & pictures. thx! haha.. haaha2

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