First jog in the Peninsula

So, without my phone, I feel so weak hahaa. Because I’m so used to using my smartphone that now without one and also already without my laptop, I just feel shitty. LOL. I know la there are others out there that are more unfortunate but… you know, just need to let it out, kan.Thank goodness I still have my over 5 years old phone.

Okay, besides letting it out here. I also decided to go jogging… after so many years of promising myself that I should jog, I now have the some sort of motivation to jog and exercise. Baru ko tau kan, Arms. Lepas rusak laptop sama handphone, baru ko sedar. Wakakaa. So I went to jog this week and also did some daily push ups and stuff. But it seems my body doesn’t agree to join along yet because when I woke up this morning, I walked like a penguin. Yup, a freaking penguin.

Also, I can’t blog walk a lot already ever since my laptop crashed. I can only do that in office… shhhh. And even in office I can’t do much of that.

So, yeah. I did my first jog outside Sabah. Wakakaa.

Happy Friday, people!

pixel First jog in the Peninsula

4 Responses to “First jog in the Peninsula”

stella July 27th, 2012 at 10:31

ada reason ba tu hp ko hilang sama laptop ko rusak. Tuhan suruh ko pigi jogging, kasi healthy lifestyle kunun..haha.. Kasi rehat2 minda ba


Arms Reply:

Ya ya so now I go jogging lo… and have to be constant! kalo nda, sayang eh ehhee.


DoRa July 27th, 2012 at 12:44

You Should Do That More Often! yes1


Arms Reply:

LOL. Lucu o ko. Di chatbox punya message lagi panjang dari sini.


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