Cute Blogger Gathering

I know it took me very long, and I have my own reasons. But here is the Cute Blogger Gathering post. Just think of it as a flashback post. Hehee.

Last year, there was a small bloggers gathering. It was my second. I organized a smaller one before which was on 28th August 2011 and I called it The Awesome Gathering. I guess many of the bloggers who didn’t knew about it or couldn’t make it really wanted another one. And so we did one. Mr Aki and I organized the Cute Blogger Gathering on 18th December in the same year and I can just say that we had a blast!

(This is the poster for our gathering, made by Mr Aki himself. Cool, right?)
LagiBaguspunyaCGB Cute Blogger Gathering


Okay, I wanna start by introducing those who attended the gathering.

Three ladies here, from the left, Cath J (, Chegu Carol (, and Wyne M ( And sitting there is Joevilee (
bloggersintro1 Cute Blogger Gathering

Beaty ( with a great smile and Aki Borneo ( and his lady.
bloggersintro2 Cute Blogger Gathering

Gunaqz ( was also present and on the right is Ashley, in purple ( and Aemy, in green (
bloggersintro3 1 Cute Blogger Gathering

I guess it was pretty hot as most of them had their sunglasses on. From the left, Rosc Esther (, Flo (, Norizuana ( and her friend (very sorry, I forgot your name).
bloggersintro4 Cute Blogger Gathering

Beside Chegu Carol is Kieko ( The picture on the top right is Dora ( which is on the left, and on the right is Elwyna ( The bottom right consists of Lilie ( and SasaTien ( in the black shirt.
bloggersintro5 Cute Blogger Gathering

And Tom Rungitom ( and I doing the peace sign.
bloggersintro6 Cute Blogger Gathering


Before the gathering, Ms Aemy and her guy booked the most suitable venue and I think it was a lovely spot. It was at a corner of the beach which is good because there are no people passing by or anything. Hahaa.
166901 248810401851128 23706808 n Cute Blogger Gathering
Here she is doing the ‘PEACE!’.

I went there earlier and just called on anyone who could make it. Had to make sure everyone knew where the place was, right. But why do my faces here look worried. Hahaa.
armsphone Cute Blogger Gathering

Then I think we had the speeches first. Which is something that I really suck at, public speaking is not my field. But unlike my co-organizer that day, Beaty said, and I quote, “Aki ko berucap kan kemarin macam wakil rakyat”. Hahaa.
gath6 Cute Blogger Gathering

We all introduced ourselves after that.
a2 Cute Blogger Gathering

We had a gift changing session that day. So, we kept all of the gifts on the table that we ‘borrowed’. LOL.  We also had chairs during that day which we took from a nearby place-dunno-what-is-it-called.
408834 249363281795840 393476551 n Cute Blogger Gathering

And makan-time! I need to apologize to all for the delay of the food. We were hungry. And man, were we so happy when our Kentucky Fried Chickens came. LOL.
396365 248831705182331 1108182974 n Cute Blogger Gathering

405411 248831765182325 1083644803 n Cute Blogger Gathering

384754 2931549574551 1435369065 3952594 1997008333 n Cute Blogger Gathering

There are even cakes present. Thanks to Elwyna!
382612 249363558462479 179885014 n Cute Blogger Gathering

So, next is the gift-changing session. Here’s Aki and I discussing something before we proceeded on the session.
400371 249363938462441 307804542 n Cute Blogger Gathering

“Okay, ready all?” Hahaa.
384859 332454483431789 306774374 n Cute Blogger Gathering

Everyone exchange gifts with each other. All happy faces. I dunno what happened to Norizuana till she laughed so hard.
gath4 Cute Blogger Gathering

I got my gift from Gunaqz. Thanks for the souvenirs from overseas! icon biggrin Cute Blogger Gathering
399057 249370601795108 1760449222 n Cute Blogger Gathering

And my gift went to Sasa Tien. Hope she liked it very much.
386479 249363968462438 1586903305 n Cute Blogger Gathering


We had games too of course. Too bad, we don’t have much time so we didn’t play much. But still, we had a lot of fun. Really! See.
394087 332460016764569 2100354138 n Cute Blogger Gathering

So happy playing games. Hahaa. Thanks to Chegu for the games. It was really fun, really.
a4 Cute Blogger Gathering

So here are some random pictures because we all like pictures, especially me. That’s why I got lots of them here. Even though I ‘stole’ most of the pictures. Hehee.

379565 332456970098207 100000017207171 1392908 996886628 n Cute Blogger Gathering

375297 332460886764482 100000017207171 1392971 1010381764 n Cute Blogger Gathering

382938 248831551849013 196818897050279 652342 855031667 n Cute Blogger Gathering

383979 332455870098317 100000017207171 1392875 563420446 n Cute Blogger Gathering

391127 332453783431859 100000017207171 1392835 906112027 n Cute Blogger Gathering

402102 332454330098471 100000017207171 1392845 920889782 n Cute Blogger Gathering

379144 314748838547342 1037879160 n Cute Blogger Gathering

408166 249363741795794 196818897050279 653850 128341073 n Cute Blogger Gathering

Till now I dunno what Beaty and I talked about that was so funny. Ko ingat ka apa cerita kita tu, Beaty? Hahaa.
408516 332453596765211 1603987777 n Cute Blogger Gathering

402403 332453530098551 996407889 n Cute Blogger Gathering

381373 332453713431866 322827314 n Cute Blogger Gathering

And we took a lot of pictures during the end.
405304 249370768461758 1198492825 n Cute Blogger Gathering

“Ba kita jumpa lagi lain kali ya.” “Buli ba kalau kau.” Hahaa.
377381 332462050097699 928041428 n Cute Blogger Gathering

Thanks to everyone who attended. I know this post is super late but thanks very much. I hope to see you all again.

381777 332464346764136 2043422555 n Cute Blogger Gathering

Wait a second, you didn’t hear about it?

386589 332460840097820 831523032 n Cute Blogger Gathering
These two cute guys (Si Chegu yang pernah sebut kami kiut a, bukan sia cakap. Dia ada bilang dalam post dia. LOL.) are going to have another one soon.

TABposterP Cute Blogger Gathering

So, see you there? icon wink Cute Blogger Gathering


Happy Friday, everyone. It’s my final day working here at my company. It’s also my Managing Director’s final day in Malaysia before being transferred back to Japan. And I’m going back to KK tonight. Hahaa.

P.S Most of the pictures are not mine. I think 99% not mine. Hahaa. So thanks to the respective people who’s pictures I ‘pinjam’.

pixel Cute Blogger Gathering

14 Responses to “Cute Blogger Gathering”

Stella October 12th, 2012 at 16:18

Sioknya sya tingu2 tu gmbr :)


Wyne Mouren October 12th, 2012 at 16:31

Bah, jumpa next month. ;)


DoRa October 12th, 2012 at 17:07 suda bah Arms heh1

siou la mda dpt p kali nie.. what to do tiket suda beli awal2. haha.. You are welcome for the pictures yes4 walaupun Nick yang ambil


kay masingan October 14th, 2012 at 05:54

hope dpt join kali ini punya gathering please1


azeanthy October 14th, 2012 at 11:09

awesomed moment!!i missed the moment i wish to be there with u all.wuwuwu.


Daniel Chiam October 15th, 2012 at 02:06

punya best…. macam baru kemarin terjadi.


Jesse October 15th, 2012 at 07:35

“It’s always a good time…..”
Siookkk.. Hehehe. yg first time jumpa pn mcm kwan lama sda terus ni kan.. hahaha.

btw, welcome back to sabah. lama2 ko sini ba.. haha


Alexa October 15th, 2012 at 20:24

nice photos. All look happy and fun.


afen October 18th, 2012 at 02:02

punya siok kmurg…blh join ka tu knn? hahaha x tau malu ni…


beaty October 19th, 2012 at 17:11

arms..he he he he …
ko balik kk suda? yeah..senyum libar lah ko tu u on 10.11.12


SimplySeoul October 22nd, 2012 at 01:09

Good evening armstrong, sorry for my super late visit to your blog.

Thank you for hosting this awesome event. Looking forward to meet all of you :)


Aemy October 27th, 2012 at 13:43

ohh i missed those moments!! can’t wait for next gath! ^^ i wish i wore tudung back then..hehe


Ashley Easther October 31st, 2012 at 20:08

Arms..heres some update for u. my new home..

sori guys. x dpt attend 2 kna trn keja on that weeknd T.T cry1


Ster November 6th, 2012 at 15:33

yang tida berkenaan n masi baru2 buli join jg ka :P


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