How many of you know who Pororo is? No? Well, you should! He’s like one of the most famous penguins in the world. Hahaa.

Pororo1 zps99599602 Pororo

“Pororo the Little Penguin (Korean: 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로) is a computer-generated animated cartoon series created by Iconix Entertainment, SK Broadband, Ocon and EBS with the North Korean company Samchŏlli in Kaesŏng. Production began in 2002 and the program began airing in South Korea on EBS in 2003.”

I actually don’t watch the cartoon but hearing Pororo being mentioned a few times in Running Man, one should feel curious, right. Heehe.

My gf even got the penguin straight from South Korea.

Presenting, Pororo…
Pororo3 zps72325681 Pororo
Cute, huh?

And guess who’s the latest fan of Pororo. Wakakaaka.
Pororo4 zps9d99e81b Pororo
Happy Tuesday, everybody!

pixel Pororo

4 comments on “Pororo

  1. kay masingan says:

    pertama kali dengar nama pororo oh. kiroro ja selalu dengar. anyway cute penguin!

    • Arms says:

      Sia pun actually nda pernah dengar. Sia pernah ternampak la tu penguin tapi nda tertinguk cartoon dia hahaa. Sia tau pun sebab sia suka tinguk tu Running Man hehee.

  2. beaty says:

    sa ingat budak kici ja suka c arms pun suka ni

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