Making a light box

6 4 Making a light box

Okay, yesterday, my girlfriend asked for a favour; she wants me to make her a light box. And I said, “Okay, boss.” LOL.

She needs it so that she can take better pictures of her cosmetic stuff. For those that don’t know, it’s like a photography studio, but instead of pretty models, picture taking sessions for light box are for… things.


We browsed through some websites and found a nice tutorial in how to make one. We chose mainly because their cat is in the pictures. Hahaa.


Of course, we have to list down all the supplies needed for this Do-It-Yourself light box:
1) One cardboard box (size depends on how big you want your mini-studio to be)
2) Duct tape
3) White paper or white fabric (preferably one that can cover 3/4 of your box)
4) White foam board for the backdrop (you can use white paper for this)
5) Craft knife (to cut through the boxes)
6) 2 daylight bulbs (I think two is enough but people usually use 3 bulbs)
7) 2 utility lamps (depends on how many bulbs you’re going to use)
8) Extension cord (for the lamps so preferably 3-outlet)

Okay, let’s start.

Take your box and have a last look at it before you make cuts on it. Haaha.
IMG 4780 Making a light box

Then, cover the bottom with duct tape.
2 2 Making a light box
That’s me probably thinking how come the box is not straight.

Make a 2 inches border around the box. Do them for the top and sides of the box.
1 1 Making a light box

Cut the lines (careful, don’t hurt yourself!). And you can also see here the wrong way of handling a knife. It’s like I’m writing or something. Don’t care hehee.
3 1 Making a light box
Finished cutting!

Hang one, we still need to remove the box cover. I think this step is only half-necessary. You can leave the cover on the sides.
4 1 Making a light box

Tape the white paper (or frabric) with duct tape to cover the holes.
5 1 Making a light box

Insert the white foam board at the back. Although it should be whiter. I’ll replace them in the future.

And done!
IMG 4806 Making a light box

Let’s do some practice shooting, aite?

1st version (lights outside the white paper):
IMG 4824 Making a light box

IMG 4825 Making a light box
Looks pretty good. A bit dark though. We should’ve used fabric to cover the holes.


2nd version (lights in front of the box):
IMG 4826 Making a light box

IMG 4827 Making a light box
This looks a lot better. I think.



3rd version (lights closer together):
IMG 4835 Making a light box

IMG 4836 Making a light box
Less obvious shadows on the sides. But the background seems darker than the previous one.


I think the 2nd version is the best. Bright enough. Perhaps a third lamp can get rid of the shadows or something. But don’t mind about that. Now, let’s see how my model did for the photography session.


Presenting, Rosken Skin Repair. I always use this at times when I feel dry. LOL that sentence doesn’t sound right.
IMG 4829 Making a light box

IMG 4834 Making a light box

IMG 4831 Making a light box

IMG 4830 Making a light box

IMG 4833 Making a light box

IMG 4828 Making a light box

Cool, right? My gf also helped in making the light box. Which the final result turned out to be great. Not awesome, but great. I’ll make an awesome box in the future. Considering I already made one.

What do you think about it? Say anything. Hahaa. If you’ve done it before, give links in the comments. If you have anything to ask, ask away.

Other than that, good night, people. Have an awesome week ahead.

pixel Making a light box

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Rungitom
    Rungitom August 4, 2013 at 22:32 | | Reply

    Whoa, nice juga oh. :D

  2. The Geek
    The Geek August 5, 2013 at 06:41 | | Reply

    good work, looks professionally done! one my D.I.Y. project that I haven’t had the chance to do.

    where’s the monkey? i don’t see the monkey. i want the monkey.

  3. CY
    CY August 5, 2013 at 09:36 | | Reply

    interesting…. never thought of this before.. coz i have no idea how to make it. LOL

  4. chegucarol
    chegucarol August 5, 2013 at 14:08 | | Reply

    I did a light box just for my nail photography too! but instead of using box, i use styrofoam cos im too lazy to go find the white thin film…the whites of the styrofoam acts as reflector already…the downside is, it’s not as sturdy as box cos i only pinned them together with pins. Ha!

  5. jessying
    jessying August 6, 2013 at 00:32 | | Reply

    Looked like so simple to do like that lah ! I going to diy following ur pics! I bought Light tent but the base not steady (cos cloth) if the product is light.

  6. Alexa
    Alexa August 11, 2013 at 22:03 | | Reply

    well, I am too lazy to take pic of my cosmetic product….nada masa bah…not like the old days….byk masa mo blog blog…

  7. Alexa
    Alexa August 11, 2013 at 22:04 | | Reply

    anyway lupa mo ckp, congrats on the light box..rajin ko tolong gf ko…

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