3 grandmas and some nuts

Three grandmas went to a shopping mall. After some shopping, they took a taxi and the three of them sat at the back seat.

10 minutes through the journey, there were some plastic noises at the back. In another 10 minutes, one of the grandmas spoke to the taxi driver.

Grandma: Hey there young man, do you want to eat some nuts?

Taxi driver: Okay, can.
The taxi driver handed out his hand and received some mixed nuts. Then he just ate it.
Taxi driver: These are delicious, auntie. Seems fresh and no salt.

10 minutes passed by, the grandma spoke again.

Grandma: You want some nuts again?
Taxi driver: Sure, auntie.

He ate the mixed nuts, chew them and asked the auntie.

Taxi driver: Auntie, you all not eating the nuts?

She answered.

Grandma: Owh, you know us grandmas. We don’t have strong teeth. We only like to suck out the chocolate but not the nuts.

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Floyd
    Floyd at | | Reply

    Arghh! I dont want to be that taxi driver.

    I’ve read different versions of this nuts eating story, bt still, this is gross

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