Tom Hiddleston’s ehehehehehe

I know I just mentioned about him in my previous post but…

Who’s the meme-ist man at the moment? Well, the internet is flooding with Tom Hiddleston. A lot of interesting videos of him on YouTube and articles, blog posts being written about him. Maybe I’m exaggerating but you can check it out yourself.

One of the reasons why he’s famous is of course mainly of his again and again portrayal as Loki, the stepbrother of Thor. And outside of that, his dancing and impersonation skills. I’m not gonna talk about those stuff. The one that I’m interested in is his laughter. Yup, you heard me right. I actually noticed the way he laughs before but didn’t think that it would be a thing that people will talk about. Well, just see for yourselves. Someone compiled him laughing and put in on the internet.

The video is called “Ehehehehehe……”

Now, what would be funnier than this? A video of him watching the video. Basically, a video of him laughing while watching himself laughing. Tiffany from Girls Generation had the pleasure to show him the video.

 Tom Hiddlestons ehehehehehe

So if anyone makes a joke in front of you, try this instead… just go “ehehehehehe…”

pixel Tom Hiddlestons ehehehehehe

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Aemy
    Aemy November 9, 2013 at 15:56 | | Reply

    ehehehe :D
    thats why i love him! Loki is obviously cooler than Thor, i think. he’s funny. haha. eh, bukan..ehehehhe xD

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