Kamu Yakin?

There’s this meme going around the web, saw some in my FB homepage, Twitter and also among my Whatsapp friends. Not too much of it but you know, seeing this kind of meme once a day constantly during a whole week… erm, okay that is a lot. Haha.

Now what it is, it’s a series of 6 selfie pictures portraying people in their normal or less attractive state and slowly transforming themselves in each picture, gradually turning into a more pretty-handsome-confident looking side. The meme is about them reminding their ex-partner of what a big loss it is to dump them… something like that.


What I think? I kinda like the idea. It’s a creative, and it’s a motivation booster. Well, for anyone who’s doing it, whether you really are getting a break-up or not. It might look like a show-off at times but I support the “If you got it, don’t hide it.” thinking so, yeah. Haha.

However, it’s mostly in Indonesian and I guess they started the trend. I saw some locals doing it too but only a few.


So, here are some of the memes I found on the world wide web. Heads up though, I don’t fully understand what they’re saying cuz most of it is in Indonesian. But at least you’ll get the point. Hehe.

 photo KamuYakin22.jpg

 photo KamuYakin5.jpg

 photo KamuYakin25.jpg

 photo KamuYakin26.jpg

 photo KamuYakin7.jpg

 photo KamuYakin1-1.jpg

 photo KamuYakin20.jpg

 photo KamuYakin19.jpg

 photo KamuYakin14.jpg

 photo KamuYakin16.jpg

 photo KamuYakin6.jpg

 photo KamuYakin1.jpeg

 photo KamuYakin17.jpg


Okay, whenever something like this exists, there will always be those who are against it. Some are saying why these people need to show how pretty they are and whatever. We all know those haters can’t really do anything, can they?

But wait, some of them can. Like these guys… Although it seems they’re not really hating the trend but more like wanting to join in but have some fun as well haha.

 photo KamuYakin9.jpg

 photo KamuYakin28.jpg

 photo KamuYakin27.jpg

 photo KamuYakin18.jpg

 photo KamuYakin21.jpg

 photo KamuYakin13.jpg

 photo KamuYakin12.jpg

 photo KamuYakin2.jpg

 photo KamuYakin15.jpg

 photo KamuYakin8.jpg

 photo KamuYakin11.jpg

 photo KamuYakin3.jpg

 photo KamuYakin4.jpg

 photo KamuYakin10.jpg

 photo KamuYakin29.jpg

I like the parody versions more. More entertaining. lol.


And here are some fellow Sabahans that I found. Perhaps some of you know them.

 photo KamuYakin24.jpg

 photo KamuYakin23.jpg


So, quite an interesting new trend eh. However, not all of them can work out. Like if you have a series of pictures and you look exactly the same in it, just don’t post it. Haha. But rather, post a parody of it. Wakaka.


To end this post, it’s just right to ask you guys and gals, kamu yakin?





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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

14 Responses

  1. nuranneliza
    nuranneliza at | | Reply

    haha..notice this trend on my newsfeed too. yg lemah self-confidence…defeated. haha. then men conversation are funnier. i came here expecting u to do one arms… hihi.

  2. Mas Light
    Mas Light at | | Reply

    LOL yeah this has been going a lot, i was waiting for u to do one of these at the end of the post ahhahaha xda pun XP

  3. dianadianeteo
    dianadianeteo at | | Reply

    Wow! Banyak juga kau dapat nie, Arms. I saw some of my friends shared these too in FB but not as many as yours.

  4. Ashley Easther
    Ashley Easther at | | Reply

    bah arms..ur turn lagi buat…kamu yakin ja….hehe

  5. suituapui
    suituapui at | | Reply

    LOL!!! So funny. Hey! Where’s yours? I would love to see that!

  6. Aemy
    Aemy at | | Reply

    at first, they’re kinda annoying..& then came the parodies, funny ones..they cracked me out. hahahaha!

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