Luis Suarez’s Bite

All the guys be like, “Where are we gonna watch the match tonight?”, “How much do you wanna bet?” and all that. Of course, they won’t talk so formal, probably could’ve put in some swear words in that haha. But with all the World Cup fever that is going on, I didn’t really keep up with the goals and stuff. I’m not one of those guys… which is unfortunate and not good at all. People see it as not manly. Right? LOL. A lot of girls even know more soccer than me, I bet. However, I totally would want to join any futsal match with friends. It’s weird. I play averagely and a friend said it’s funny how is it that I can play soccer but don’t really watch it. Like I said, it’s weird.

Eniweiz, who could miss hearing about The Bite haha. During a previous match between Uruguay and Italy, Luiz Suarez bit an Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulders.
LuisSuarezsBite22 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite23 Luis Suarezs Bite
Look at that. Definitely a bite. And definitely a hard bite, enough to sink his teeth in and made a mark.

Crazy, huh?

LuisSuarezsBite21 Luis Suarezs Bite
Here he’s looking in pain.He must’ve bit a bone or something wakaka.

Now, from what I’ve seen on YouTube, he plays awesomely. However, he also has a history of diving (faking injuries)… and he also bit another player before. Maybe even more. I dunno. Haha.


He’s famous now. All the meme-makers like him a lot.

LuisSuarezsBite14 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite17 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite19 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite18 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite16 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite15 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite11 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite9 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite10 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite13 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite12 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite2 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite1 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite3 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite7 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite8 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite4 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite6 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite5 Luis Suarezs Bite

LuisSuarezsBite20 Luis Suarezs Bite

On June 26th, FIFA ruled that Suárez did in fact bite Chiellini’s shoulder and would be banned from nine official national team matches, from all soccer-related activity for four months and would have to pay a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs.

For me, 4 months if not enough. I dunno how many months would do it but… well, I think more than half a year should be it. A whole year seems so long so maybe somewhere in between.


What do you think?


Happy Saturday, all.



pixel Luis Suarezs Bite

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Aemy
    Aemy July 1, 2014 at 12:59 | | Reply

    Hahaha! Lucu ohh tu meme kan..trending in twitter & 9gag. Heran jg oh sy napa dia mau gigit2 org..last2 kena ban..kalah suda Uruguay, maybe because of the absent of Suarez. Haha.

    Btw, I don’t think it’s weird for a guy who doesn’t watch football. It’s like not all women love shopping & make ups. But at least u can play soccer & not being kaki bangku. Ok la tu. Some guys love watching football & talk about it like an analyst, but when they come to play football or futsal, they suck! Haha.

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