A drawing of me by Milton

There’s this friend of mine, one of my oldest friend actually, well, we met when we started kindergarten in the same class and we’ve been friends since so it’s safe to say I’ve known him my whole life. Wakaka. Milton is his name.

Well, si Milton likes to draw, a lot. Sometimes he uses his phone to sketch stuff. Last met him when I was back in K.K. for a friend’s wedding whom I’ve also known for a long time…… Okay, okay, Arms, we get it. You have friends. LOL.

AdrawingofmebyMilton3 A drawing of me by Milton
(Took a group selfie during the wedding reception.)

Eniweiz, si Milton drew me while we were at the wedding reception at the hotel. And I can say that, yea, it pretty much looks like me. Haha.

Here’s the drawing:
AdrawingofmebyMilton2 A drawing of me by Milton

Okay, it does look like me but please don’t make me have sleepy eyes the next time you draw me, Mil. At least you got the shirt and its colours right, wakaka.

And you guys must be wondering what Milton looks like.
AdrawingofmebyMilton1 A drawing of me by Milton
We had this picture taken on his 21st birthday at his house. Yup, back when we were young. Back when I had long hair and double-sided earrings. I miss those days.

Very much looking forward to meeting him again when I go back to Sabah. And I’ll make sure he does another drawing of me. A more handsome drawing.

pixel A drawing of me by Milton

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Michelle Sung
    Michelle Sung July 10, 2014 at 16:54 | | Reply

    a more handsome drawing. looking forward into that. lol :D

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