Damn cockroaches

I always hated cockroaches and I bet all of you hate them too. They are dirty, scary, and dangerous because they can make people sick, be it physically or mentally.

Physically because this insect carry diseases and humans can catch them by eating cockroach-contaminated food.

The cockroach can spread a range of bacteria and disease-producing organisms to humans.

Now mentally because what can be scarier than a flying cockroach. Wait, what’s more scary is a crawling cockroach which you saw 10 seconds ago and now it’s gone. Hoooooold on, the scariest is when you see a cockroach flying around and suddenly it dissapears.


Well, I encountered some cockroaches before and my housemates put up some cockroach killer stuff around the house. I didn’t buy any of those because whenever a cockroach sees me, he’s already dead. I’ll beat the shit out of it on the spot. Literally spill all its guts but careful enough to not get it on my skin, even my legs. That’s why I have a stick specifically to smash cockroach heads.

So, the other day I was cleaning the house and discovered a cockroach graveyard. Thanks to my housemate’s initiative to make this insect go extinct.
Damncockroaches2 Damn cockroaches
Not a lot, but enough to assure us that the cockroach killer is working.

Sorry for posting this high quality picture of some dead cockroaches but I just had to, to remind you guys that no matter how old you age, cockroaches will forever be scary.
Damncockroaches1 Damn cockroaches

I’m scared of cockroaches, yes. But not to the point that not getting into the same room with the cockroach even though everyone around expects me to kill it. I have lots of situations where people asked me to kill a cockroach… even if I am damn worried myself. LOL.

Damn cocks… I mean cockroaches.



pixel Damn cockroaches

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Rungitom
    Rungitom August 11, 2014 at 14:42 | | Reply

    I once caught a flying cockroach with my bare hand, and proceeded to crush it wholeheartedly. Later followed by thoroughly cleaning up my hand.

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