First week on my new job

So, I got a new job in Johor Bahru and I guess I’m so lucky because this company is just awesome. Yeah, I know, I’ve only been here a week but everything is very systematic. I’ve always wanted to work in a big company and finally made it. Well, our office is not very big but that’s just because our main headquarters’s is in Hong Kong and our Malaysia hq is in K.L.

Anyways, I feel welcomed right from the moment I sat down. I have my own desk which man is so great. I’ve never actually had my own dedicated computer in my previous companies but here, I have a desktop computer and spacious cubicle.
Firstweekonnewjob4 First week on my new job
Haven’t got the chance to take a picture of the whole cubicle yet. I’ll look weird taking pictures in the office. Even during lunch time, some staff prefer to have it in the office so this is the only picture I managed to get. They gave me a glass and I made coffee on the spot. LOL. Thank goodness for coffee in the workplace.

Opened my email and got a nice welcome.
Firstweekonnewjob2 First week on my new job
Well, thank you for this email, yo. It really makes a big impact on my motivation to work wakaka.

And of course, I have my own access card for the office.
Firstweekonnewjob1 First week on my new job

I’ve managed cards like these before and I know how they work exactly. You can program them easily with a software and the numbers are very important so that’s why I’ve hidden them haha.

Then, this was also presented to me this week. It’s a tie tack. You know, the thing that holds your necktie from moving around. I’d rather have a tie clip though. A tie tack will damage a tie.
Firstweekonnewjob2 1 First week on my new job
Still, it’s awesome. Well, it’s sort of our company logo. You’ll see it down here.

Tadaa, I got my name card on the first week! That’s so fast. Daaaamn.
Firstweekonnewjob1 1 First week on my new job
Yea, I work as a Marketing & Sales Executive. I’ve hold such positions before so I’m not so intimidated.

So, because this is a new building for me. I kinda need to remember where I packed exactly and like always, I take pictures. Won’t forget where I pack anymore, yo. Hehe.
Firstweekonnewjob3 First week on my new job

That’s all for this post. I might seem so excited… well, I am! Who won’t be excited for a new job. Unless it’s a job that you’re demoted to lol jk.

This all is just something that I can write about. Considering I haven’t replied to comments and no blog posts in a while, I just had to share what I’ve been busy with. And yea, I was also busy before this week as I was concentrating on getting interviews wahaha.

Aite, happy weekend. I’m gonna go blog-walk now. Okbye.


pixel First week on my new job

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  1. azurachan
    azurachan August 25, 2014 at 14:31 | | Reply

    Congratulations on your new job! Very impressive office!
    All the best!

  2. Rungitom
    Rungitom August 27, 2014 at 15:20 | | Reply

    Everything is lookin’ good. :)

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