20 Facts About Me

20FactsAboutMe 20 Facts About MeOkay, so I was tagged by Stella. Tried writing and posting in Instagram but keep failing due to too much words, I think. And making it shorter is just not an option for me. So, I am posting it here and I did it because it seems fun. Here goes mine yo:

1) Premature graying
– It’s not because of stress or whateva. Or maybe it is. But I actually blame it on genetics. Not that I blame it on my grandparents or anything. Well, just blaming their hair.

2) My favourite television series is The Office.
– If you haven’t seen any episode of this series then we have a lesser chance of mingling with each other. Hahaaha.

3) I’m collecting pictures of me with someone else
– Yup, I have a dedicated album in my laptop in which only me and another person is in one picture. Other people collects stamps, but me, I collect people. I mean, I keep pictures of other people. Okay, that sounded uncool. I mean, I like having people in close proximity to me while we both smile ermmm…… Okay, I give up.

4) I love cats.
– No, it doesn’t mean that I’m a sensitive guy or anything. It’s just that I like them felines an awful lot. Maybe because I’ve had cats ever since I can remember. Also, the purr sound is the best sound to fall asleep to.

5) Only donated blood once
– In an event in which I was the director and my team collected 278 pines of blood in two days.

6) I don’t smoke cigarettes.
– Like really, I don’t even know how to smoke one. That’s how I avoid smoking… by not learning how to smoke at all. Maybe in the distant future I will, and I’d say something like “Damn, why didn’t I smoke a lot before. This stuff is good. This stuff is da bomb.” But nah, for now, meh. I’ll pass. Sorry, future-Armstrong.

7) Had/maybe still have light OCD
– For example, I would feel uncomfortable if I have 3 bottles in one box and 5 bottles in the other box. I will make them have 4 each.

8) Play but don’t watch soccer.
-I don’t watch EPL or any of that but I love playing soccer so much. Boo, Arms, boo.

9) Weird way of opening doors
– Let’s say that I’m going out of a public washroom… I would figure out the least-liked-method of people opening that particular door. Weird, I know. Hmm, maybe I do have some kind of OCD shit going on.

10) I like Muse‘s kind of music the most
– Well, their kind of songs always hits the spot when I wanna exercise my mouth and jaw.

11) Tau Sar Pau for a tea time snack is perfect for me
– If you gave me any other flavours, I’ll throw the pau at your face. Haha just kidding… I’d just force feed you the pau. LOL jk really jk.

12) Super hate the F word
– I really hate it when people say f*** while talking to me about something or someone. If you do need to swear, tell me in advance so I can prepare my mind and body for all the Fs that’s coming. Funny thing is, I say the F word so much in my head when I’m mad. Selfish huh? LOL.

13) Scar on my left wrist
– Fell, cut myself. Luckily, my important arteries were not harmed or I wouldn’t be writing this 20 facts thingie right now.

14) Double eyelid only on one eye
– But I can adjust my other eye so that the double eyelid can magically appear. Like Chipsmore… Now you see it, now you don’t.

15) Computer games taught me English
– Well, my English is not that awesome, and of course, teachers help a lot but games taught me all those fancy words and sentences that we wouldn’t normally say.

16) Active in Clash of Clans
– It’s one of the ways I keep close to my friends In Sabah.

17) I want bracers
– There’s this one tooth of mine that’s been a rebel for my whole life and I would like it if it goes to where it’s supposed to be and stay put.

18) I love making people laugh
– I don’t know how I do it but I should keep a book of jokes somewhere in my pants. Or underwear.

19) Contrary to popular belief that I just made up by typing “popular belief”, I didn’t have a lot of girlfriends
– My current lovely gf is my second and it’s very unlikely that I’ll find another one because I’m definitely marrying her. Well, assuming that when the time comes, I’m capable enough and she’ll say “Yes”. But hey, that is another story haha.

20) My dream is to have my own big house
– Just so that I can walk around the house naked every Saturday. What about my future-wife you wonder? She’ll just have to accept the situation or I’d have to buy her Google Glass and install an opposite version of X-ray vision app.


Well, that was fun. If you made it this far, consider yourself tagged and no excuses. Wakaka.

Happy Sunday all. And blogging rocks!

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Rungitom
    Rungitom September 22, 2014 (2 days ago) at 09:34 | | Reply

    Long live Tau Sar Pau! :D

  2. Amanda
    Amanda September 22, 2014 (2 days ago) at 15:10 | | Reply

    now i wonder how u open doors. if me i’d just do the opposite of what it’s telling me, like, if it says PUSH, I’d pull. I’m like, DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  3. CleverMunkey
    CleverMunkey September 22, 2014 (2 days ago) at 20:29 | | Reply

    I play COC too bro! Have not watched The Office but from all the meme… i guess it’s hilarious!

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