Cupping therapy

I went for cupping last night, well, I actually went for a massage… professional massage, not those curious Thai massage haha.

Anyways, the doctor (still wondering whether he’s a real doctor or not lol) started by massaging my back with hands plus oil, then using some wooden object. After that, he used a machine and finally the cupping or bekam came. During that whole process, it was one of the most painful experiences ever. I didn’t scream though so my head hurt after the massage. Wakaka.

Here are some horrible pictures of the aftermath:

 photo Cuppingtheraphy2.jpg

He didn’t use the traditional method like using fire or anything like that. He just make holes on my back, put cups and suck all the air out. And I can feel all the blood coming out and, and… okay, too graphic.

For the holes, he used some kind of instant needles hahaaha. I dunno what’s that. But that explains the swollen skin with a red dot on it.
 photo Cuppingtheraphy1.jpg

The questionable-doctor told me that my muscle is tight and asked me to exercise. I told him I did some and he said I should also eat more fruits and drink much less coffee. Well then how am I going to start my day from now on without coffee haha.


That’s all. Happy Wednesday, everyone. Owh by the way, any of you went for cupping therapy before? I just had to ask. You know, because it’s a way to engage readers by asking questions at the end of your posts. LOL. Okbye.

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

12 Responses

  1. azurachan
    azurachan at | | Reply

    Haven’t tried ‘bekam’ all my life. Looks scary. Lol! Anyway, people told me it is a good for our system. Still, I don’t want to try. Lol!

  2. Meitzeu
    Meitzeu at | | Reply
  3. Shirley Tay (Blackswan)
    Shirley Tay (Blackswan) at | | Reply

    Ouch! I did some gua sha therapy recently but not these traditional ones. Don’t think I can take the pain…….

  4. Grace Fred
    Grace Fred at | | Reply

    Huii…bekam yang ini men cucuk jarum owh kan. Are u sure the needles are clean? Heard some nasty rumours about bekam yg pakai jarum. Org cakap (org cakap la kan…I’ve never done it before) yang pakai api tu lagi better. Antahla.. hihihi.. =P

    Saja kasi takut² ko.. wakaka..
    ** la..

  5. suituapui
    suituapui at | | Reply

    Eyewwwwwwwwww!!!! I went once, the sinseh said I needed it to release my body heat (I’m hawt, man!!!). I screamed till the roof almost fell down. He said, “I guess you will never come back again?” He was absolutely right. Once is enough. LOL!!!!

  6. Amellia Jay
    Amellia Jay at | | Reply

    Hi Arm.. saya tgok tu kesan bekam pun memang sakit ni. Saya tidak brani try oh, especially yg cucuk jarum.. hihihi…

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