Oats for breakfast

It’s December! What the… and it’s been so long since my last post. Haven’t even replied the newest comments and here I am writing a new entry.

So, how’s life yo? Me, I’ve been in my new company for three months and now am confirmed. Haven’t got my letter yet so can’t be 100% happy hahaa. But, at least it’s a load off my mind and I can start to blog again.

Eniweiz, recently, I started to eat healthy breakfast and the last time was when the moon was blue. I’m talking about oats and I got into oats when I saw how my uncle got slimmer because of them. He got me a packet and I know I should’ve cooked the oats or use low-fat milk but nooo, I like chocolate milk. And I keep telling myself, “Arms, you’re doing good. You’re eating oats, man! You deserve to mix it up.” Hahaaha.

This particular brand have some oats and other stuff in it and they taste grrrreaat.
 photo Oatsforbreakfast1.jpg

I’ve finished my oats a while back though and now I just buy these babies for breakfast.
 photo Oatsforbreakfast2.jpg

It’s hard to get slim, man. Been trying to years. And we all know it’s because of laziness, most of the time. So hopefully 2015 will be a miracle year for me to looking good. Wahahaa. Okbyeyo.

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

8 Responses

  1. suituapui
    suituapui at | | Reply

    That’s healthy. I like those Julie’s oat cookies!

  2. Lexa
    Lexa at | | Reply

    Hey I’ve got confirmed too. Just after like 5 months or six months like that. Huh! Anyway, congrats.

    Bah sa pun diet..lost a kg sdh!!!

  3. Ashley Easther
    Ashley Easther at | | Reply

    Want to try la. sy pun mau start diet sudah ni..-_-

    anyway, congrats!

  4. nuranne
    nuranne at | | Reply

    i can’t la with oat arms. if i eat one definitely with sugar and milo, then what’s the point. the tasteless makes me moody. hang in there buddy!

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