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Blue, black, white, gold

Blue, black, white, gold

I know this news is over last weekend and I’m not here to debate whether the dress is blue-black or white-gold. I don’t have time to research on that. However, I do have time to search all the memes, tweets, and all them hilarious pictures.   I dunno whose side of team you’re in… but you should know, by now,… Read more →

I don’t know what I’m doing

Okay, so here’s a personal one. I don’t know what to do in life. LOL. I mean, surely most of you know what it’s like, or ever felt like, “Damn what have I accomplish?” and “What I want in life?” and all that stuff. Well, I know what I want, of course, and it’s money wakaka. Not really. But you… Read more →

When your girlfriend knows you're a gamer

When your girlfriend knows you’re a gamer

… she will buy you what you want for your birthday.   And mine just arrived last week. She got me Far Cry 4. Something I wanted so bad. Wakaka. I usually buy my games online, haven’t installed a game with a CD for a long time. It’s a huge game, needs 30 GB of space. Crazy. Games nowadays huh…. Read more →

My most weirdest dream ever

As the title says, this happened a very long time ago and I just remembered it because I had a different dream this morning but I forgot what it was. I know it was awesome or something but I don’t remember any of it. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had that kind of feeling before. I… Read more →

I turned 28

I turned 28

Yup, so today I reached the age of twenty-eight. I am not young anymore nor am I old yet… Okay, that’s just silly haha. I am old. Everyone’s old as soon as they past the 27 years old mark. Wakaka I just made that up.   Today was just a simple day and I like it. And GF actually already… Read more →