When your girlfriend knows you’re a gamer

… she will buy you what you want for your birthday.


And mine just arrived last week. She got me Far Cry 4. Something I wanted so bad. Wakaka. I usually buy my games online, haven’t installed a game with a CD for a long time.

 photo When your girlfriend knows youre a gamer 3.jpg

It’s a huge game, needs 30 GB of space. Crazy. Games nowadays huh.
 photo When your girlfriend knows youre a gamer 1.jpg

It’s a beautiful game. I’ve finished Far Cry 3 and this installment is way awesome. Some people say the story is not as good as the previous one but the graphic is up to notch. My laptop can’t handle the graphics and I can play on lowest graphic setting. Pathetic, right? lol. So I gotta get myself a better PC. Desktop PC is better. Laptops get hot fast.

 photo When your girlfriend knows youre a gamer 2.jpg

Okay, that’s all for now. Might blog the game next time.

Now, I have to get back in the game. Ciao

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

5 Responses

  1. suituapui
    suituapui at | | Reply

    Eyewwww!!! I wouldn’t want to encourage the habit. It’s addictive. LOL!!!

  2. edith
    edith at | | Reply

    My brain wouldn’t be able to install that kind of game. Pathetic right, hehe… Good luck on your game :)

  3. Mas Light
    Mas Light at | | Reply

    Now why can’t I have a gamer boyfriend?

  4. Rungitom
    Rungitom at | | Reply

    Wow, limited edition lagi tu, lucky you bro. By the way, I’m currently playing old console games on my Note 2, heck, beats nothing to play at all. :D

  5. Blackswan
    Blackswan at | | Reply

    Wow, lucky you! I know I’m late, but Happy Birthday anyway :D

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