My kind of lullaby

This is my all time favourite soothing music. I usually listen to this before I sleep because it reminds me of the past, makes me think about life, makes me think about the future, makes me bla bla black sheep, and makes me fall asleep haha.

Well, apart from the awesome melody, I also like it because it’s actually a soundtrack of a game I played, Final Fantasy X. It is the only game in the franchise that I’ve completed and the most memorable thing about it is at the end of the game, which was when the music comes out and I’m like, damn so what do I do now? LOL. I was so into the game, it’s like I was in the game the whole time. I know it sounds crazy but gamers will understand. Learned a lot of values from the game like family and friendship to life and death. It’s just awesome, that’s all.

Okay, this post is not about the game, it’s about this music, To Zanarkand and one of my wish list is to learn how to play this from start to finish. Alright, just listen to it already.

Hope you guys have a great Monday and ya, goodnight haha.

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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. suituapui
    suituapui at | | Reply

    If I listen to songs, I would not be able to sleep…never mind how soft or soothing. Must have perfect peace and quiet. LOL!!!

  2. Coffee Girl
    Coffee Girl at | | Reply

    Ya songs keep me awake when I try to sleep too… unless it’s Chopin 😀

  3. dusunguy
    dusunguy at | | Reply

    Hey Arms, nice blog there. I was looking for your contact info but couldn’t find it.

    Anyway I am a Sabahan. I’ve just released a game for Android called Teka Bahasa Sabah.

    It’s a picture guessing game where your goal is to guess the meaning of pictures showing variety of objects or situations. Your answers must be in Sabah Borneo Malay dialect.

    It would be great if you could give it a mention in your blog as I think we do not have many games targeted towards to the local audience.

    You can see more screenshots and download the game from Google Play Store. It’s free!



  4. Sasa Tien
    Sasa Tien at | | Reply

    haha.. My fav lullaby is no songs at all…

  5. azurachan
    azurachan at | | Reply

    Lullaby must be a very soothing music to my ear. I would choose songs from Coldplay before going to sleep.

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