5 Ways to Reduce Stress (according to Arms)

I’ve been feeling stressed lately. I do not exactly know what the reason is but I have a rough idea. Anyways, because of that, and because I don’t have any idea on what to write, I’ll just write about this topic.

This entry should get me back in the blogging game.


Here’s 5 Ways to Reduce Stress… according to Armstrong.


1: Cats
Look at them. Look at any cat pictures you can find, any cat videos that can entertain you, or any gif for that moments when you can’t decide to look for pictures or videos. Gifs like this one.
 photo cat-balloon.gif

Or if you prefer dogs, then here’s one for you. My all time favourite slapping gif.
 photo dog-slaps-man-in-face.gif

Of course, all this only applies if you have no pets. Haha.


2: Sing, baby, sing
And not just to any song. You need songs in which you can pour all your voice out and still feel awesome because you nailed it. Even though you can’t reach the notes, make sure the volume can hide your weakness… you bad karaoke friend.

She’s Gone will do just fine.


3: Look at old pictures
… of your family, friends, everyone. You should feel better. Unless they’re the ones who are making you stressed. Then, that is a matter you need to settle yourself. However, you can look at old pictures or videos of yourself. Like me, right now, looking at a video clip of when I was still considered slim. Hahaha.

4: Listen to stand up comedy
Self-explanatory. I usually listen to any kind of stand up comics when going to sleep so basically I would be smiling before I sleep.

One of my favourite shows is Elephant In The Room by Patrice O’Neal. You’re welcome.


5: Talk to someone
Lastly, and the most important (but I don’t know why I put it at the end), is to talk to someone. Chat about anything. If you feel like talking about what you’re stressed about then go ahead. But if that’s not an option then just talk about the time when you and your friend know that you like that girl but then he went ahead and made her his girlfriend. Laugh about that time with damn that backstabber and believe me you would feel better.

Did that happened to me? Did someone stole my potential girlfriend? No, it didn’t. Why would you assume such a specific situation happened to me?


Aaand that’s all for this post. Whew, feels good to write a fairly short-medium blog post. Hope it helps any of you… because it did wonders for me.

Okay, bye.

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Article written by

Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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  1. Blackswan
    Blackswan at | | Reply

    Oh yes, I remember your cats. I adore standup comedy! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo

  2. angelbinus
    angelbinus at | | Reply

    All five work perfectly on me too especially #2. When I feel a little down, I just grab my ukulele and sing and everything falls back to its place and I’m ready to move on :)

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