Man, I have missed so much.

While I’m here in the Peninsular, working and all, I’ve missed engagements, weddings, baby showers, and a lot more. It’s not like they are super priority because I do miss my family too.

But, I kept thinking, when I’m much older, would I have enough memory to look back into and have a good laugh while friends mentions this and that. I have lots of good friends back in Sabah but haven’t met them a lot especially since I’m already 28 and this is considered the peak age to hangout with buddies. You know, before they have babies to look after. It wouldn’t be cool for daddies to hangout while their child is at home and only the wife to do the job.

Thankfully, Whatsapp came just in time a few years ago and I’ve been able to stay close to them.

 photo friends.jpg

And ya, I recently went on a trip to Labuan with my close friends and we had a blast… drinking and singing.

(And yes, I have a crooked tooth.)

See you soon, bros.

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