Consistently fat

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When I was starting to grow sideways, people say that I’m getting fat but I’ll just ignore them. Big mistake. Well, not really big but it would help me a lot if I took the light insult as a serious matter because damn it’s hard to get back in shape now.

Prior to me writing this entry, friends keep telling me that I’m fat. My thoughts? How would they feel to be hit by a virgin-elbow… an elbow that’s never hit people in the face before. Yes, I just made that up.

My family too says that I don’t look handsome anymore. Okay, wait a minute, that’s just sad. Why? Because it brought me down when the words ‘do not look handsome’ came out. But then, the word ‘handsome’ being there means that they kinda admit that I’m handsome so I unconsciously regain confidence. But then again, the word ‘anymore’ totally ruins the compliment and now I’m back to zero… or more like negative.


So (as in ‘soooOOoOo’), back to this fatty stuff, I’ve done some exercising but I guess my body metabolism just can’t keep up with the food intake. I mean, just look at what I had for dinner.

 photo consistently fat.jpg

Chicken Rice with added chicken and added rice. It’s just like I don’t care anymore.

However, I’m pretty sure that soon I will be the fit Armstrong that I have imagined since so many years before. Well, I am going back to my hometown for good and for sure I’ll go out with friends and have activities like jogging and futsal. A bit of drinking though to chase my quota because I haven’t been drinking cold beer as much as I would have if I had stayed in Sabah. Haha.

Will keep posting pictures here from now on to keep track of my progress. Will be drinking some fruit juice from now on too. Wish me luck… or wish us luck to whoever feels offended by this post. Wakaka.


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Armstrong. Not Strong Arms. Haahahaa.

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