I’m back for good

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It’s been a week since I landed in K.K. and yes, I am back to settle down.

Well, not as in to get married or anything. I just want to spend more time with my family. Do note that I’ve worked in the peninsular and a bit in Singapore for more than 4 years. It’s not very long, I know, but it does feels so and that is why I’m here in my room in Penampang writing this entry.

This whole week has been such an awesome ride. Went out almost every night. Besides that, catching up with family and friends, and catching up with my alcohol quota too as I’ve spent years not drinking as much as I’m supposed to. Hahaaha.

Got a sales job in the tourism industry. Never thought I’d go into this tourism at all but here I am and I’m liking the job.

So, just a short post. I’m back, back for good, and I will blog more for sure.

Happy week ahead, guys and ladies.

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