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Hi, I’m Armstrong

I love to blog and I always look forward to interact with other bloggers. Mostly, I write personal stuff in my blog but I also post anything humorous, be it pictures or videos. And of course, I have random entries every now and then.



  • I laugh a lot but mostly only on the inside. Okay, that sounds creepy.
  • Computer games are a part of me so don’t bother me while my hands are on the mouse and keyboard.
  • A low maintenance guy… nope, no follow up on that sentence.
  • Love cats. It doesn’t mean I’m sensitive or good or anything. It just means that I love cats.
  • I take photos of everything, anything, everyday.

Email: okayarms@gmail.com

Updated on: 13.August.2015

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  1. Ann
    Ann at | | Reply

    hey Armstrong.. 😀 is that ur real name? ammstrong.. rare.

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