Shorty Posty

“You have been selected for the job.”

Okay, I’ve been busy so didn’t blog much… So cliché. I’ll rephrase. I’ve been searching for a new job and finally landed one that looks really promising. My previous companies were small ones, not that I didn’t appreciate them haha but it feels good to get into a company that is huge, really huge. Well, I start work on this… Read more →

Pray for MH17

By now, the whole world should already know about this disaster. There are a lot of information going around the internet but no definitive answer from government leaders yet. So, not much to say here, just, let’s all pray for all the families involved.   Pray for MH17


I feel that today is very special. Obviously, mainly because of the date but it’s also because I think  that everything is going pretty well. Mind you that my financial status is not stable yet but at least my job is getting okay day by day. Still busy, but I can cope. On another note, I always find an excuse… Read more →

I need a laptop

So many things to write, but so little time and no computer. Yup, this is me giving excuses to not update my blog. LOL. I’m just looking forward to the IT fair at Singapore’s expo thing and finally get my own new laptop. Till then, I’m just gonna blogwalk first. Hehee. And happy Saturday!

Busy like a bee

Bee that is looking for a job that is. Wakakaa. Lately, been really concentrating on applying jobs there and there. Mostly Singapore. Maybe I should try local ones then perhaps I would get a lot of job offers. For now, I’ll just keep clicking. So, this is just an excuse for my missingness. Hahaa, is there such a word? Happy… Read more →

First jog in the Peninsula

So, without my phone, I feel so weak hahaa. Because I’m so used to using my smartphone that now without one and also already without my laptop, I just feel shitty. LOL. I know la there are others out there that are more unfortunate but… you know, just need to let it out, kan.Thank goodness I still have my over… Read more →

I broke my phone

Yup, I broke my handphone’s screen… and I am also without my laptop for a few months now. So, ya… F it. I’m just keeping calm.

What day is it?

Can anyone tell me what day is it… it starts with the letter F. heehe1   And when you answer, do put an exclamation mark at the end.

It’s the weekend!

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. Damn. Bukan ada OT claim or anything. Not even any allowance.  I know that as a Planner, I have to at least monitor while production is running in the factory… but come on la, boss, the fuel that I use to go to work ain’t cheap. Nevermind la. Because like a legendary quote states,… Read more →

I’m waiting for a call

Last Monday, I went for an interview at a construction company in Singapore and I believe that the interview went really great. We had conversation as if I was already accepted. LOL. Although the salary is not as what I asked for, considering that it’s my first job in a different country and in an unfamiliar department. But they assured… Read more →

Meet at K.L.?

Bisuk sia cuti! Jan jelez… haaha. Cuz my brother is having his Cosmopoint convocation somewhere around Putrajaya on Saturday. So, I’ll depart in the morning, tomorrow. And I was wondering that maybe some of us can meet up. It’s okay if can’t because I might be busy spending time with family. But still, even just a while would be great…. Read more →

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012, everyone! Been busy lately, tau la balik KK ni… trying to make the most out of it. Gonna be here for a few days more sad1 But cheer up!   Let’s have an awesome 2012!   Okay, all. See you next year. LOL.

Gloomiest Friday and a big decision

Hi hi everyone… I read somewhere on the net that one of the DON’TS of blogging is to never apologize to your readers if you don’t update often or constantly. But who cares, sorry people! haaha1 It seems that the closer Christmas Day is, the more sad I am. Probably because it’s the first time I won’t be spending Christmas… Read more →

Back to reality

I had such an amazing time during the weekend, met friends and family, water rafting and of course, Cute Blogger Gathering. I haven’t even started drafting about it yet, just amazed after clicking each of my FB notifications… awesome pictures. My flight from KK was from 7 and I reached JB around 9 in the morning. Didn’t have a good… Read more →

Calling calling for Challenge Accepted

I actually wanted to post the tag but I think I extend it first la. But I have 6 submissions already which 11 awesome people are in it,  plus a book, one adorable kitteh, and one little tiny super cute hamster! I’ll post them later ya. If any of you still wanna join the fun, do email me or just… Read more →

First company annual dinner

Hola everyone… tonight I’m going to my company’s annual dinner and guess what, I’ll be the emcee. what3   Why in the world would they want me to become the emcee… suda la cakap ‘R’ pun nda pass. My colleagues said it’s because I can speak well… I don’t know about that but I don’t deny that either but what… Read more →