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10 Things I Dislike When Blog-Walking

10 Things I Dislike When Blog-Walking

(This mostly applies to personal blogs) Recently, I blog-walk a lot, mainly to get to know more bloggers and surely to get more visitors to my blog. It’s no surprise, bloggers tend to visit other blogs and commenting on their posts and hoping that the other party do the same or at least visit back. I think this summarizes it well:… Read more →

Easiest Way to Highlight Author's Comments

Easiest Way to Highlight Author’s Comments

I have a new layout and I’m liking it very much. And I’m currently exploring on how to modify my theme and the features. One of them is highlighting the comments that I’ve made in my posts.   Now, when I blog-walk, sometimes I’d like to search back for the author’s reply to my comment. Strangely, I also browse through… Read more →